Elwyn Crocker Jr. was only 14-years-old when he suddenly vanished two years ago. Despite the youngster’s disappearance, no one ever reported him as missing to the authorities. It wasn’t until recently when his 14-year-old sister, Mary Crocker, also went missing that the truth was revealed.

Earlier in the month, the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office received a tip that Mary Crocker had not been seen for weeks. The tipster was worried that she may have possibly passed away. In response, the police department decided to initiate a welfare check at the girl’s home. When they arrived on December 19th, Mary could not be located. Investigators instead discovered human remains buried in the backyard of the residence. An autopsy was conducted on the remains that were found, and medical examiners confirmed that there were two separate bodies. They have been identified as Elywn Crocker Jr. and Mary Crocker.

After further investigation, police realized that Elywn Crocker Jr.’s body had been buried for around two years. Similar to Mary’s situation, no one ever reported him missing at the time. Mary’s body, on the other hand, had been buried for a few months.

Now, four people have been taken into police custody for concealing both children’s deaths and for cruelty to children. The suspects are the children’s father, step-mother, step-grandmother and her boyfriend. Disturbingly, the children’s father, Elwyn Crocker Sr., regularly dressed up as Santa Claus at a local Walmart and had contact with hundreds of children within the community. Police also found a third child, who is special needs, at the family residence. Police took the child to the hospital for an evaluation.