The Montana Highway Patrol and the United States Forest Service made a miraculous rescue over the weekend. A tiny five-month-old boy was recovered after being buried in the woods and abandoned for over nine hours in 46-degree weather.

Police have successfully arrested the suspect, Francis Carlton Crowley, for abandoning the child among other charges. Investigators first became aware of an issue when concerned Lolo Hot Springs visitors noticed the suspect acting very strange. Several witnesses called into the police department when the man started asking about a missing five-month old boy, threatening unsuspecting people and claiming that he had a gun. The suspect allegedly reached into his pockets on multiple occasions which led witnesses to believe he was going to shoot at them.

When police arrived, they realized the suspect was looking for the young boy. Crowley appeared to be highly intoxicated and was not making any sense to authorities. He did admit that the baby was likely buried somewhere in the mountains.

Police immediately initiated a foot search that lasted around six hours. One deputy luckily heard the baby crying and found the baby buried underneath sticks and dirt. The youngster was wearing only a onesie. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital for treatment, but he was listed in good condition a few hours later.

Crowley is being charged with felony criminal endangerment. The sheriff’s office confirmed that future charges are pending in this case. The Montana department is calling this rescue a “miracle.”