On June 21, Michael Burch was shot mid-afternoon while he was walking along East Penn Street. The gunshot wound proved to be fatal for the 23-year-old, and investigators immediately began working to determine who had killed Burch in broad daylight.

Authorities immediately discovered multiple witnesses who had seen the suspect open fire on Burch. One witness, who had been walking down the street alongside Burch, gave a vivid description of both the suspect and his vehicle. Another bystander was incredibly able to write down the vehicle’s license plate, which proved invaluable to the case.

Police eventually recovered the suspect’s vehicle, a red Chevy Equinox, abandoned several blocks from the shooting scene. The vehicle was owned by Enterprise Rentals, so investigators quickly determined who had been renting the vehicle during that time. The renter explained to police that he had rented the vehicle for another man, Craig Ryan Hines Junior. He explained to authorities that Hines had been paying him on a weekly basis for using the car.

Police reviewed nearby surveillance video of the shooting and more video footage captured at a nearby convenience store. Using these pieces of evidence, police positively identified Hines as the primary suspect.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the identification on August 31st. 18-year-old Craig Hines is facing multiple charges including homicide, aggravated assault, simple assault, reckless endangerment and carrying a gun without a license. He has been taken to Cumberland County Prison and was denied bail. A preliminary hearing will be held on September 19.