The Washington State Gambling Commission has been successful in busting one of the biggest rooster fighting operations in recent history with the help of local law enforcement officers. Two men have been charged in connection with the bird fighting ring.

The Commission has been investigating this specific rooster fighting operation for several years. The multiple tips they received helped lead them to a rural property in Port Orchard. The agency watched the home and realized the owners were hosting illegal animal fighting operations. It was discovered that participants were bringing their own birds to the home.

Sadly, these animals were force fed various drugs to make them more hostile. Next, the humans would attach sharp blades or barbs onto the rooster’s legs to increase the damage they could inflict on opposing birds. Participants would then force the birds to fight and make wagers on which bird would come out as the declared winner.

Investigators determined the property owner was receiving a cut of all profits made during the illegal fights. The owner was also charging participants a fee when their bird died fighting. The bets on these events would often range from $100 to $2,000 per fight.

Local law enforcement officers and agents from the Washington State Gambling Commission descended on the home and rescued over 300 roosters. Police were devastated because hundreds of these birds had to be euthanized as they were too aggressive to be rehoused. Officers also took $35,000 in cash, barbs used in the rooster fighting and the breeding records of several birds from the property owner. Two men were arrested for gambling and animal fighting. 24 additional individuals were detained for attending the animal fighting event, and they could be facing felony animal fighting charges as well.