Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel is calling his most recent DUI arrest ‘one of the worst’ the department has ever seen. According to reports, Riverside police were called out to a gas station in Chicago when one witness noticed the suspect passed out in her vehicle. Fearing a medical emergency, the witness had called police to the scene.

Upon arrival, police found the suspect slumped over in her 2005 Nissan Maxima. The car was running, and the suspect appeared to be attempting to fill her car with Kerosene instead of gasoline. Police immediately noticed an open container of Crown Royal liquor in the front passenger seat. The suspect additionally smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes.

She informed police that she had eleven children that she couldn’t find, but authorities later discovered that most of her children had been removed by Child Protective Services due to a previous DUI arrest in October. In the previous incident, Schleicher had been drinking and driving with five of her children in the vehicle. She slammed into a median barrier in Minnesota, and police discovered her breast-feeding her infant while heavily intoxicated when they arrived on scene.

The suspect has been previously arrested for DUI charges in Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky, Oregon, Minnesota and California. She also had outstanding warrants in Idaho, Oregon and Nebraska.

Tasha Lynn Schleicher was arrested with two counts of felony aggravated drunken driving, one count of driving without insurance, two counts of misdemeanor drunken driving, driving without a license and driving with an open alcohol container. The suspect is being detained at Cook County Jail, and her bail is set at $15,000.