Horrible allegations against the Hillview Police Department have recently come to light after one police officer’s indictment has become public. The indicted officer, John W. Nissen, is being charged with official misconduct, theft by deception and tampering with a witness.

In response to the indictment, the Hillview Police Department released a statement to explain the charges. Police Chief William Mahoney III confirmed that Nissen’s indictment is related to an incident dating back to September of 2017.

Back in September, one victim reported to Hillview police officers that she had been sexually assaulted by a police officer in Bullitt County. Detectives took this allegation very seriously. They interviewed the woman, collected details and then agreed to drive the victim back to her home. Nissen was the officer in charge of driving the victimized woman home that evening.

In an egregious abuse of power, Nissen drove the victim directly to the home of the police officer that originally assaulted her. The two police officers allegedly brought the victim to Wal-Mart where they purchased her a cellphone. They then pooled money to buy the woman a hotel room for the night. According to allegations, Nissen forced the victim to perform oral sex on him in exchange for the cellphone and room. He also threatened the woman by telling her it was time to move on to another jurisdiction.

Prosecutors noted that the victim was under the influence of either drugs or alcohol when she was sexually assaulted the second time. It remains unclear how she obtained alcohol or drugs while under the ‘care’ of the police officers. Nissen has been suspended while the matter is investigated internally.