25-year-old Christian Ponce-Martinez has been taken into police custody after authorities discovered the dismembered remains of his neighbor in his backyard.

On November 9th, Robert Page’s wife called the Clayton County Police to report her husband missing. She frantically described her situation to officers who promptly came out to her property to investigate. Detectives began reviewing surveillance footage from earlier in the day when they discovered the victim’s neighbor had been wandering around the outside of the home. They decided to question the neighbor.

Just after 11 P.M., investigators attempted to question Ponce-Martinez. He didn’t answer the door, so they went around to the back of his residence. There, they found the suspect acting very suspiciously. He was hiding under a couch and acting nervously. Suddenly, one detective noticed a trail of blood in the backyard. Officers followed the blood trail directly to the remains of Robert Page. His remains were cut into various pieces, shoved into a cooler and placed under two tarps.

Ponce-Martinez was immediately arrested and charged with malice murder. After being taken into custody, the suspect reportedly became combative and uncooperative. An additional charge of obstructing justice was later added onto Ponce-Martinez’s pending charges.

Investigators have learned that the suspect moved to Georgia from Mexico only about three months prior to committing this heinous crime. The victim and suspect had no prior relationship before this occurred, and the motive in this crime remains unclear. It has not yet been revealed whether the suspect was a legal citizen.