On March 31st, a well-known rapper, Nipsey Hussle, was gunned down in broad daylight. His attacker rushed him as he was leaving the Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles. Hussle and two other victims were all rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. Hussle was pronounced dead a short time later, but the other two victims are currently in recovery.

The shocking and brazen act of violence stunned the country. Now, the police have identified the man they believe is responsible for this crime: 29-year-old Eric Holder.

Dozens of community members gathered together to hold a brief memorial for the rapper outside of the clothing store on Monday. During the gathering, it was still unknown who had murdered Hussle. The memorial eventually drew hundreds of spectators, but the event turned chaotic when some individuals believed they heard gunfire erupt. Dozens of individuals were injured as the grouping stampeded out of the area. Shortly after this, the police announced the identity of the suspect.

The authorities are now searching for Holder. The police were able to obtain footage of the shooting from a nearby surveillance camera, so they have a good idea of how he got away. The suspect was last seen fleeing the shooting area by ducking into an alleyway. He was spotted entering into the passenger side of a 2016 Chevy Cruze. The vehicle is white and has four doors. Officers say the vehicle had a California license plate. Anyone who sees this vehicle on the streets is urged to call the South Bureau Homicide Department at 323-786-5100.