KTLA reports that law enforcement is now searching for suspects in the brutal beating of a 92-year-old man in South Los Angeles. Multiple suspects attacked the victim last week. Rodolfo Rodriguez, the victim, left his home to go on his daily walk at 7 p.m. on July 4 and was assaulted.

A member of his family told KTLA that he allegedly bumped into a little girl and was confronted by a woman who was with her, when he was struck from behind and blacked out. The woman then grabbed a brick and started to beat him with it. A few other men also joined in on the beating.

A witness was driving by when the attack was occurring and said she saw a few men assaulting the victim while he was on the ground. She tried to help him, but also came under attack. She did manage to get a photo of the woman involved in the assault.

The witness also heard the woman yelling at Rodriguez to “go back to your country.” It is possible that up to three or four men were also involved in the attack. The authorities currently have no leads in the case.

*Photo credit KTLA