Alleged “Nazi Sympathizer” Arrested After Threatening Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner

SUSPECT: Chase Bliss Colasurdo

CHARGES: Making interstate threats


THE DETAILS: An FBI team in Seattle has apprehended a suspect accused of making credible death threats against both Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner. The suspect has been under investigation since mid-March after an anonymous citizen called in to inform them about the person’s erratic behavior. Investigations revealed how the suspect sent multiple emails to media outlets suggesting he was planning on executing Kushner for treason. He also posted pictures of himself with a firearm aimed at a picture of Kushner on his Instagram account. The FBI’s search warrant on the suspect’s home revealed over 345 rounds of ammunition, a framed portrait of Hitler and a Nazi flag. He also possessed several of Hitler’s writings.


Plano Bartender Arrested for Serving Alcohol to Intoxicated Man

SUSPECT: Lindsey Megan Glass

CHARGES: Selling alcohol to an already intoxicated person


THE DETAILS: Last year, Spencer Hight got extremely intoxicated before he decided to enter into a Plano home and fatally shoot eight victims. Now, the bartender who served him that night has been apprehended for contributing to the horrific situation. According to police, Hight left the bar with a blood alcohol content of .33, which is four times the legal limit. It’s also a crime to serve alcohol to a person who is already clearly intoxicated, and that’s what Plano police are arguing Glass did. If she hadn’t served him, then maybe he would have never committed the murders.


Chief Financial Officer of School Lunch Company Arrested After Hacking into Competitor’s Website

SUSPECT: Keith Wesley Cosbey

CHARGES: Identity theft and unauthorized computer access

THE DETAILS: A formerly well-respected chief financial officer has just been arrested after reportedly attempting to hack into a competitor’s website. The executive’s actions, police argue, caused the exposure of sensitive information for hundreds of students residing in the Bay area. The information that was accessed includes student’s names, meal preferences, allergy information, academic data and other details. Shockingly, the suspect gained access to the information and then forwarded it to California’s Department of Education. He attempted to smear his competitors by claiming they weren’t doing enough to protect student privacy. Such business tactics are not only frowned upon but they’re also against the law. If he’s convicted on all counts, then Cosbey could potentially face up to three years in prison.


Miami Police Officer Arrested on Official Misconduct Charges

SUSPECT: Alejandro Giraldo

CHARGES: Official misconduct, battery


THE DETAILS: Citizens of Miami, Florida, were outraged when a video emerged of a police officer violently taking down an innocent woman. The incident occurred back and March, and the victim was the person who had reached out to the police for help. Initial reports suggest the victim had previously been threatened with a shotgun by a neighbor. The responding officer, Alejandro Giraldo, reportedly body slammed her before putting her in handcuffs. Later, he lied on the official police report and claimed the victim was disobeying his commands. Initially, the victim was charged with resisting arrest and disobeying a police officer, but her charges were later dropped. Now, the officer is the one facing serious charges.


25-Year-Old Cold Case Solved Thanks to Cigarette Butt

SUSPECT: Richard E. Knapp

CHARGES: First-degree murder


THE DETAILS: Investigators have finally closed a decade's-old rape and murder case by connecting forensic DNA evidence left at the scene of the crime with a recent cigarette butt disposed of by the suspect. The perpetrator is accused of raping and murdering Audrey Hoellein (Fraiser) back in July of 1994. At the time, officers collected DNA, but they were not able to find a match on their databases. Technology at the time was also limited. Last year, detectives sent in the evidence from the case to a lab that does genealogical research. They quickly narrowed down the suspect’s list and began following Knapp. Back in February, detectives caught a break when the suspect tossed out a cigarette butt. The cigarette had DNA evidence that eventually proved to be a match to the cold case evidence.