Tampa Man Holds Baby Hostage for 8 Hours

SUSPECT: Victor Hernandez Figueroa

CHARGES: Two counts of false imprisonment


THE DETAILS: One family’s Florida vacation turned into an hours-long police standoff on Sunday night and Monday morning. According to police, the suspect, his girlfriend, and the woman’s 2-year-old baby all traveled to Florida for a vacation together. They had been visiting other areas in Florida before coming to Tampa and staying in a hotel for the night. That’s when things went south and the couple began arguing. Eventually, the suspect refused to allow the woman and baby to leave. The woman reportedly called a relative who then called the police. Authorities rushed to the hotel and attempted to diffuse the situation, but the suspect refused, yelled at police, and became combative. SWAT teams were called in, and 60 guests were evacuated from the area. The suspect then attempted to set the room on fire before shooting a weapon at a sheriff’s deputy. The deputy was brazed by the bullet, but he only suffered minor injuries. After 8 hours, police were successfully able to rescue the hostages and arrest the suspect.


Operation Safety Net: 40 Arrested Protesting in Minneapolis

SUSPECTS: Over 40 individuals

CHARGES: Curfew violations, rioting, burglary

DATE OF ARREST: April 12-13

THE DETAILS: On April 11, a horrific tragedy occurred when a police officer mistakenly pulled out her firearm rather than the taser she thought he was reaching for. Rather than deploying her taser, the officer fired off a shot, which was fatal for 20-year-old Daunte Wright. The whole incident happened during what should’ve been a routine traffic stop. The officer has been placed on administrative leave, and the police department has apologized about the horrible accident. Despite that, the community is outraged. Officers released body cam footage on Monday, which only fueled the community’s anger. Hundreds of individuals gathered on Monday to protest the injustice, but things quickly got out of control as night fell. Brooklyn Center’s Mayor, Mike Elliott, even called the city “calm” and the protesters “peaceful” in a Tweet earlier in the day. Later, protesters were throwing debris at officers. At least five burglaries occurred at local businesses, and several stores were looted. A curfew was initiated, and violaters were taken into custody. Overall, 40 individuals were arrested and booked in the city jail.


1996 Disappearance of Kristin Smart Solved: Two Suspects Apprehended

SUSPECTS: Paul Flores and Ruben Flores

CHARGES: Murder, accessory to murder


THE DETAILS: Back in May of 1996, Kristin Smart, a college student, vanished near her campus at California Polytechnic State University. According to authorities, 19-year-old Paul Flores had walked Smart home to her dorm room and was the last person to ever see her. Despite his claims, police believe Kristin Smart never made it back to her dorm room. While early investigators suspected Flores, they had little evidence to go on. As the years ticked on, investigators never gave up hope, but they also didn’t make any substantial leads either. In 2002, Kristin Smart was declared deceased despite police never finding her remains. Last year, however, police caught a lucky break when they found “items of interest” in Paul Flores’ home. While police haven’t disclosed the details yet, they have made two arrests in the case. Paul Flores has been charged with murder, and Ruben Flores has been charged with being an accessory to murder.


Police Officer Accused of Shooting Daunte Wright Arrested

SUSPECT: Kim Potter

CHARGES: Second-degree manslaughter


THE DETAILS: By now, most Americans have heard about the tragic shooting of Daunte Wright. The 20-year-old was stopped by police officers, who quickly learned that the man had an outstanding warrant. As police officers attempted to take the suspect into custody, former officer Kim Potter grabbed her firearm and pointed it at the man. She yelled, “Taser..taser...taser,” before discharging the weapon. Clearly, the police officer made a fatal error and accidentally shot Daunte Wright with a loaded firearm. After the ordeal, Kim Potter knew she’d made a mistake. She quickly resigned from the police department and issued an apology to the public. On Wednesday, she was formally arrested for manslaughter. Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing, but some officers have claimed that a lack of proper training caused the accident. Others say that the officer’s stress contributed. Lawyers for the suspect’s family, however, say that the incident was intentional. After all, the former officer had been on the police force for over 26 years. She was also training a rookie cop when the accident happened.


Army Sergeant Aggressively Confronts Man and Gets Arrested

SUSPECT: Jonathan Pentland

CHARGES: Assault and battery


THE DETAILS: On Monday evening, Jonathan Pentland was at his home when he noticed a black man that he didn’t recognize walking around his neighborhood. The Army Sergeant immediately became suspicious and decided to approach the man. When Pentland questioned the man, he said he was just passing through the neighborhood and walking. Despite his answers, Pentland and other neighbors started accusing the man of lingering around some of their homes. The black man remained calm and started recording the incident. Eventually, Pentland became aggressive and started shoving the man around. A nearby witness eventually called the police about the altercation. Once the officers arrived, they were told by members of the neighborhood that the black man had been “threatening” them by approaching different neighbors. At first, police believed the witnesses and Pentland. Days later, though, the video footage from the ordeal went viral. That’s when they learned the truth and promptly issued an arrest warrant for Pentland. On Wednesday, he was apprehended for assault and battery.