Police Apprehend Fugitive on Fl Beach

SUSPECT: Mario Gatti

CHARGES: Giving false information to authorities, drug possession, homicide charges in PA


THE DETAILS: Authorities were patrolling Jacksonville Beach on Sunday morning to ensure that everyone was following proper social distancing while enjoying the weather. They didn’t expect to have to make any arrests, but it didn’t take them long to spot an individual who is currently wanted in Pennsylvania. Authorities initially saw the suspect, Mario Gatti, lounging around on the beach, which isn’t permitted right now due to the Coronavirus. Individuals can exercise, but they’re being encouraged not to sit around on the beach. While approaching the suspect and informing him about the new rules, one of the officers recognized him. Gatti’s wanted in Pennsylvania on a homicide charge after he allegedly shot and killed a 33-year-old father in an apartment complex. Gatti was arrested on multiple charges.


Kentucky State Representative Arrested for Domestic Violence Incident

SUSPECT: Robert Goforth

CHARGES: Domestic Violence


THE DETAILS: The coronavirus pandemic has forced families to spend more time together locked away in their homes. Police forces around the nation expected this type of change to increase instances of domestic violence, and they were right. On Tuesday morning, a state legislator who represents Kentucky state was arrested on a domestic violence charge. According to the police, an unidentified woman reached out to 911 and explained that the representative had assaulted her in front of small children. Authorities rushed out to the scene, and they found the victim with visible marks all over her body. She alleges that Goforth attempted to strangle her with an ethernet cord and threatened to kill her in front of her three children. Police removed the state representative from the home and took him to jail.


Louisiana Pastor Arrested After Incident with Protestors

SUSPECT: Tony Spell

CHARGES: Aggravated assault


THE DETAILS: Pastor Tony Spell has been in the news a lot lately – first, he defied stay-at-home orders and encouraged his followers to keep attending church. Now, protestors who are opposed to his large gatherings have started to show up where Spell plans to preach. Due to an incident that occurred last Sunday, the pastor has once again been apprehended by the police. According to authorities, protestors were stationed outside of the pastor’s church when he arrived. Tony Spell was driving a bus, and he appeared to be completely oblivious to the protestors. In an incident caught on camera, the pastor backed his bus dangerously close to a protestor. Now, he’s been charged with aggravated assault.


Protests Break Out After Playground Arrest

SUSPECT: Sara Brady

CHARGES: Misdemeanor trespassing


THE DETAILS: Due to the Coronavirus, playgrounds and parks across the nation have been closed to encourage social distancing. While the idea behind the closures comes from a good place, many citizens around the nation have continued to ignore the closures and go to the parks anyway. One such person, Sara Brady, got arrested on Tuesday after police saw her trespassing on a city-owned play area that was closed. The arrest was captured on camera by a witness who later posted the video onto social media. According to authorities, citizens who saw the arrest got angry about it and coordinated a protest. At least 100 individuals showed up to protest the arrest, but authorities continued to explain that they gave Brady several warnings before arresting her. Brady reportedly refused to comply.


Air Force Member Arrested for Murder

SUSPECT: Mark Gooch



THE DETAILS: Near the end of January, 27-year-old Sasha Krause went missing from her New Mexico home. Authorities searched for her, but their efforts were unsuccessful. Nearly a month later, Krause’s body was discovered nearly 270 miles away from her home in Arizona. Police immediately determined that the woman’s death wasn’t an accident. After further investigation, they identified a suspect – a member of the U.S. Air Force. The suspect reportedly traveled to New Mexico when the alleged disappearance occurred, and he was also in Sunset Crater near where Krause’s body was discovered, too. Further investigation determined that the suspect traveled out of Luke Air Force base to commit the crimes. Now, he’s been charged with multiple crimes including first-degree murder, kidnapping, theft and premeditated first-degree murder. According to authorities, this crime was unique because the victim was a member of a very small and well-knit community.