Three Suspects Arrested After 18-Year-Old Pregnant Woman Found Murdered

SUSPECTS: Malik Johnson, Michael Johnson, Bianca McDuffie

CHARGES: First-degree murder, second-degree murder, attempted murder, accessory to murder


THE DETAILS: Authorities say 18-year-old J’Lyn Quinones was pregnant when she was shot and killed last week in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The victim was reportedly walking with a female friend across Quinn Street when they were suddenly hit by bullets. Bystanders called 911, and Quinones was rushed to the hospital. Doctors were forced to perform emergency surgery in an attempt to save Quinones’ unborn child. While Quinones didn’t survive, her newborn baby was saved. While the infant is still receiving treatment at the hospital, it’s expected to survive. The second female who was walking with Quinones was also shot, but she didn’t suffer any life-threatening injuries. Authorities believe that Michael Johnson, Malik Johnson’s brother, is the father of the recently born baby. He was reportedly involved romantically with the victim, so that may have been the motive for the shooting. Malik is the suspected shooter, so he’s been charged with both murder and attempted murder. Bianca and Michael both helped Malik get away after the shooting, so they’ve been charged with accessory to murder.


Security Breach at Capitol: One Arrested

SUSPECT: Marc Beauchamp

CHARGES: Unlawful entry into a restricted area


THE DETAILS: Capitol Police have been on high alert for months now, and they haven’t stopped seeing individuals from around the nation attempting to breach the nation’s restricted Capitol space. Things were no different over the weekend when Marc Beauchamp, a citizen of Virginia, attempted to get onto the Capitol grounds. Police say the individual entered into a restricted area by breaching a perimeter fence near midnight on Sunday evening. The fence was along First Street, and police suspect that he climbed over the fencing somehow. They also believe that Marc acted alone. As soon as he was over the fence, several officers were immediately ready to confront him. Soon, investigators discovered the suspect’s vehicle illegally parked near the Lincoln Memorial. That means the suspect walked over a mile to get to the Capitol fencing. It remains unclear why the suspect attempted to breach the Capitol, but investigations are ongoing.


NYC Department of Corrections Captain Arrested After Letting Inmate Commit Suicide

SUSPECT: Rebecca Hillman

CHARGES: Negligent homicide


THE DETAILS: Rebecca Hillman had been working for the Department of Corrections in New York City for over 8 years when she committed a disturbing and egregious act. According to police, Hillman was working at the Manhattan Detention Complex back in November of 2020. She was charged with watching over several inmates including Ryan Wilson. Wilson and another inmate reportedly got into a verbal argument, so Hillman made the decision to have Wilson removed from the cell and taken to another one. That’s when things took a turn for the worst. Ryan Wilson became completely distressed by the ordeal. He started to create a bedsheet noose and even attached it to a light fixture inside the cell. Then, Wilson called over Hillman to his cell. Wilson told Hillman that he would hang himself if he wasn’t let out of his cell right away. Rather than tend to the situation, Hillman decided to go to her office to complete some paperwork. Within ten minutes, Wilson was jumping from his bed with the noose around his neck. A nearby officer called for Hillman and requested that the cell be opened, but Hillman told the other officer that Wilson was just “playing.” A few minutes later, Hillman did open the cell and checked on Wilson, but she ordered the other officer to remain outside. She then lied to the officer and said Wilson was “faking it” and still breathing. She closed the cell door and then called for non-emergency back up. Since the situation wasn’t deemed an emergency, Wilson passed away before more officers arrived. Now, Hillmans has been arrested and charged with negligent homicide for her failure to help the inmate.


Former White House Advisor Arrested for Reportedly Stealing Money From Charter Schools

SUSPECT: Seth Andrew

CHARGES: Wire fraud, money laundering, making false statements to a financial institution


THE DETAILS: Authorities say that Seth Andrew, a former advisor to the White House, has been arrested for reportedly stealing money from charter schools that he founded. Investigators say that Andrew used the funds he stole from the schools to create a savings account for a mortgage. Upon further looking into the mortgage, investigators learned it was taken out on a multi-million dollar apartment in Manhattan. Back in 2005, Andrew helped create a public charter school network in New York City. The project was so successful that he was offered a position with the US Department of Education in 2013. Eventually, this led to him being offered a senior adviser position at the White House. Throughout these years, the charter school network continued to pay Andrew for his role in founding and serving their schools. In 2017, Andrew officially ended his financial relationship with the schools. Now, details about that financial relationship have surfaced. Investigators learned that Andrew and other school employees opened up three bank accounts in 2009, 2011, and 2013. In April of 2019, he went to close those accounts. The bank wrote out two separate checks, both amounting to about $70,000 each, to the charter schools. Rather than handing the money over to the schools, though, Andrews opened up a new bank account and deposited all the money there. Due to his actions, the former White House adviser is now being charged with some serious crimes.


TV Star Josh Duggar Arrested

SUSPECT: Josh Duggar

CHARGES: Not named yet


THE DETAILS: Josh Duggar is a well-known name after he starred in the TLC program “19 Kids and Counting” years ago. The hit television program followed the story of the Duggar couple who had 19 children. Josh Duggar, who is now 33-years-old, is the oldest of those children. When the show was airing, Josh was often seen on the show. Things took a very negative turn in 2015, though, when allegations against Josh came out. When four of Josh’s younger sisters accused him of molesting them, the show was immediately canceled and taken off TV. No formal charges were ever issued against Josh Duggar, but he’s making headlines again after getting apprehended by US Marshals on Thursday. Right now, authorities haven’t disclosed what charges Duggar is facing. Despite that, investigators believe the crime has something to do with a used car dealership that Duggar owned previously.