Orlando Woman Arrested After Smashing Valuable Goose Eggs

SUSPECT: Gayle Wessel

CHARGES: Criminal mischief


THE DETAILS: We’re all frustrated with the current global situation, but one Florida woman took her rage too far when she let her frustrations out on some innocent goose eggs at Lake Eola over the weekend. According to authorities, a Park Ranger monitoring the park noticed the woman standing nearby a bird’s nest. He was appalled when he witnessed her taking an egg out of the nest and smashing it on the ground. By the time the cops showed up, there were about 16 cracked eggs all around the ground near the bird’s nest. They approached the suspect who claimed to have smashed the eggs because she thought they were rotten. Despite her claims, the park ranger confirmed that none of the eggs were rotten before the guest came to the park. He also explained that they were only two weeks away from hatching and worth about $200 each. As a result, the suspect was charged with criminal mischief. She could face fines of up to $3,200 for her actions.


KY Woman With Covid-19 Arrested for Third Time

SUSPECT: Kendra Burnett

CHARGES: Wanton endangerment, criminal mischief, contempt of court


THE DETAILS: Police officers in Kentucky received a call on Monday from concerned shoppers at a Kroger in Louisville. Worried citizens reached out to the police when they spotted Kendra Burnett, a person who has tested positive for coronavirus, shopping around the store. According to the government’s guidelines and executive orders, anyone who is sick should be staying at home to prevent further spread of the disease. Despite that, Burnett has violated orders to stay at home at least three times over the past weeks. Shoppers told the police that the suspect made contact with at least five individuals in the store. As a result, Burnett was arrested and charged with multiple crimes. She’s still being told to self-isolate for the time being, as she’s tested positive for Covid-19.


Former Clemson Football Star Apprehended in York County

SUSPECT: Bashaud Breeland

CHARGES: Resisting arrest, having an open alcohol container in a car, possession of marijuana and driving without a license


THE DETAILS: No one has enjoyed the news that most major sporting events have been put on pause due to the global pandemic. The news has hit some individuals, like Bashaud Breeland, harder than others. The police in York County caught the suspect driving, and they quickly realized he didn’t even have a valid license. Upon further investigation, they also realized he was carrying open containers of alcohol. That wasn’t all, either. He also had at least 10 grams of hash and 28 grams of marijuana. Breeland is the second former Clemson player to get arrested over the past week.


Suspect Accused of Shooting Mail Carrier Over Stimulus Check

SUSPECT: Tony Cushingberry

CHARGES: Killing a federal employee on duty


THE DETAILS: Monday afternoon, 45-year-old Angela Summers was delivering mail as usual on her Indianapolis route. While in the course of her duties, she was fatally shot. Investigators quickly learned that Summers had previously expressed concerns with residents at a specific home on her route. According to the National Association of Letter Carriers, Summer was worried because a resident was becoming increasingly irate after not receiving any stimulus check in the mail. It’s unclear whether this anger led to the shooting or not, but a suspect has now been apprehended for the crime.


Indiana Resident Arrested for Stalking

SUSPECT: Timothy McCameron

CHARGES: Stalking, invasion of privacy


THE DETAILS: According to authorities in Indiana, police received a call from a frantic resident on Thursday. The victim told the police that he had been walking down the road when Timothy McCameron suddenly approached him and began screaming at him. It’s unclear why McCameron was allegedly threatening the victim, but the victim was also walking with his wife when the situation went down. The victim’s wife reported that McCameron later returned to their house and sat inside his vehicle. He menacingly stared at the couple and revved his engine up a few times. The male victim on the phone told police that he felt that he was currently in a position where he was considering using his firearm to protect himself. Just then, the suspect took off in his vehicle. According to the victim, the suspect and he have had altercations in the past due to a pet dog that belongs to the suspect. The pet dog reportedly gets loose a lot and ends up on the victim’s property. Now, McCameron allegedly has been stalking and harassing the couple who have already gotten a protective order against the irate neighbor.