NFL Rookie Player Arrested for Alleged Domestic Violence

SUSPECT: Jeff Gladney

CHARGES: Domestic violence


THE DETAILS: According to authorities, an argument between Jeff Gladney and his 22-year-old girlfriend escalated to the point of family violence. On April 2nd, the couple reportedly got into a heated argument over “content” on the girl’s phone. The woman’s phone was allegedly locked with FaceID, and she refused to open it so Gladney could view the phone’s contents. According to the woman’s statement, Gladney tried to shove her face towards the phone’s screen to get it to unlock, but he was unsuccessful. That’s when Gladney became enraged and allegedly started to hit the woman with closed fists. She was struck in the stomach, back, and ribs. He also slapped her in the face with an open hand. The woman told police that she tried to escape, but that’s when Gladney put his hands on her neck and started strangling her. She hopped into his vehicle to try to get away. While the car was in motion, the suspect grabbed the woman’s hair and dragged her across the ground. She was able to escape and jump into a nearby car despite not knowing any of the people inside the vehicle. Once she was safe, the woman immediately reached out to the police. An arrest warrant for Gladney was issued, and he decided to turn himself over to police custody on Monday.


Suspect Arrested After Easter Shooting, 2 Other Suspects Still on the Loose

SUSPECT: Braylon Harper

CHARGES: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: On Easter, dozens of people gathered at Edward Rendon Sr. Park to celebrate the holiday. Unfortunately, violence broke out when a group of men got into an argument during the event. According to authorities, the suspect, Braylon Harper, and two other males who haven’t been identified yet started arguing. It remains unclear what prompted the fight, but within minutes one of the men brandished a knife. One of the men lunged at Harper and stabbed him with the knife. In response to the ordeal, Harper quickly took out his pistol, aimed it at the group of men, and fired a shot. Due to the amount of people in the park, the bullet missed its target and hit an innocent bystander. Instead of stopping, Harper fired off a few more shots into the crowd. About 15 different individuals immediately called 911, which helped emergency personnel quickly help the victim to the hospital. Harper was arrested and taken to jail, while the other two men fled. Police are now seeking help from the public in identifying the unknown suspects.


Mom Murders Two Daughters, Then Turns Herself in By Calling 911

SUSPECT: Madison McDonald

CHARGES: Two counts of capital murder


THE DETAILS: On Monday, a 911 dispatcher picked up a call from a mother in distress. The woman explained to the dispatcher how she had just killed her two daughters. The nearby Irving Police Department was immediately informed, and they rushed out to the location. When they arrived at the caller’s apartment, they found Madison McDonald on the phone with 911. They also discovered the deceased bodies of her two daughters. Based on the scene and McDonald’s statements, police believe the two young girls, aged one and six, were both smothered to death. Despite that, a formal autopsy will be conducted to make a final determination. McDonald, on the other hand, was brought straight to the Irving Jail. She’s facing two counts of capital murder, but authorities still don’t understand what motivated the mother to commit the atrocious act and then reach out to 911.


$227M Ponzi Scheme Uncovered: Zachary Horwitz Arrested

SUSPECT: Zachary Horwitz

CHARGES: Wire fraud


THE DETAILS: Years ago, Zachary Horwitz, who goes by the online persona “Zach Avery,” dreamed up an idea to start raking in massive amounts of cash. He decided to create an illegitimate business, 1inMM Capital, and start touting the idea that they were in partnership with HBO and Netflix. Interested investors were intrigued by the idea that the new company was going to get the licensing rights to specific films and shows. So, they started giving Horwitz money to pull off his business plans. Over the course of five years, Horwitz duped investors into giving him over $227 million. All the while, he was never upholding his promises and didn’t even have any discussions with HBO or Netflix. Despite that, he was able to successfully shift money around to make it appear that his dealings were legitimate. By 2019, though, things started to fall apart when he could no longer pay back all of his promissory notes to investors. He allegedly created fake email correspondence screenshots to make it appear as if HBO and Netflix were at fault for the increasing number of defaults. These fake messages appeared to show the companies discussing licensing agreements. In February, Netflix became aware of the situation and sent Horwitz a cease-and-desist letter. That’s when the FBI got involved, and they uncovered the years-long scam. On Tuesday, he was finally arrested for his actions.


Suspect Employed on the Florida Election Commission General Counsel Arrested

SUSPECT: Eric Lipman

CHARGES: possession of child pornography


THE DETAILS: Eric Lipman was formerly known as one of the top lawyers who worked as a Florida Election Commission General Counsel member. As part of his job duties, he was meant to investigate and prosecute election law violations across the state. On Wednesday, however, his political brand and persona were destroyed as he was taken into police custody for possession of child pornography. These allegations are particularly concerning because the suspect also served with a nonprofit soccer league. The league was for children who were aged 4-17. His actions were no mistake, either, as authorities confirmed he’s currently facing eleven counts of possession. Investigators first learned about the situation from a tip. They found that several sexually explicit emails were sent to Lipman. So, they decided to take a look at the suspect’s work computer. There, they discovered multiple internet searches for horrific and illegal things including pedophile-related searches and sexual abuse. The searches explicitly searched for images and videos showing children aged 3-5. Despite his charges, Lipman was released on bail. Lipman has been placed on administrative leave.