Protester in NY Arrested Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

SUSPECT: William Talen

CHARGES: Resisting arrest, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: While most of us are attempting to socially distance ourselves from the coronavirus, William Talen apparently had other ideas. Over the weekend, he decided to strut into a coronavirus field hospital that’s set up in New York City’s Central Park. The suspect, who was wearing a bright pink suit and a black bandana, first placed a rainbow flag in the area. Then, he started shouting that “they” have no business being in the city and that “they” are the virus. Responding officers believe the suspect was referring to the evangelical Christian group that was running the field hospital, Samaritan’s Purse. The suspect was quickly taken into custody, and authorities do not believe the suspect made contact with anyone infected with coronavirus.


18-Year-Old Texan Arrested for Threatening to Spread Coronavirus

SUSPECT: Lorraine Maradiaga

CHARGES: Making a terroristic threat


THE DETAILS: Most of us would agree that social media challenges and trends are often dangerous, ignorant and downright criminal. The recent trend of pretending or threatening to spread coronavirus by coughing on things like groceries, gas pumps or people is not only life-threatening for some, but it’s also a very serious crime. One Texan teenager found that out the hard way after they were arrested on Tuesday. According to authorities, the suspect made a series of concerning Snapchat videos where she claimed she was spreading the virus to unsuspecting people. Despite later telling the police that she’d tested negative, she was still arrested for her actions. On top of her criminal penalties, the police have ordered her to quarantine for a period of at least 21 days when she does get released from jail.


Georgia Suspect Arrested After Refusing to Self-Isolate

SUSPECT: Fran Gore

CHARGES: Not yet announced


THE DETAILS: Authorities were shocked when they received a call from concerned citizens in Georgia on Tuesday. According to the police, citizens were outraged and concerned when they saw Fran Gore out and about in Tallapoosa. Gore, according to witnesses, was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Friday after calling 911. The suspect’s boyfriend did test positive for coronavirus last week, and Gore was treated for coronavirus symptoms over the weekend. Despite these facts, Gore refused to self-isolate in her home and instead continued to go out into town. This action could’ve potentially exposed dozens of citizens to the virus. Authorities were forced to arrest Gore, but they can’t put her into jail with uninfected inmates. Instead, she’s currently being detained in a private camper.


CA Woman Licks Groceries, Gets Arrested

SUSPECT: Jennifer Gloria Walker

CHARGES: Felony vandalism


THE DETAILS: It remains unclear what’s driving individuals around the nation to attempt to contaminate grocery items, but it’s happened again. This time the incident was in a California supermarket. According to authorities, the 53-year-old woman was shopping around when staff members saw her licking various jewelry items. They immediately reached out to the police. When cops arrived, they found the suspect with a cart full of items. They also discovered that she didn’t even have the funds to pay for them, which made cops believe her sole intention was to contaminate items. In all, the items in her cart were worth about $1,800. They were deemed unsellable because of the suspect’s actions. She was charged with a felony.


Family Fight Over Toilet Paper Turns Violent

SUSPECT: Unidentified 26-year-old Saugus resident

CHARGES: Battery


THE DETAILS: As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep through the nation, several communities are experiencing a shortage of toilet paper. In many states, grocery stores are limiting the amount of toilet paper each customer can buy each day. Now, this issue appears to be causing conflict in families across the nation. According to authorities, one family in California got into a huge fight over their stash of toilet paper, and the fight got violent. The incident started at around 3 A.M. on Tuesday. A 26-year-old man kept asking his mother for toilet paper, and he eventually accused her of hiding it. The altercation got physical, and the son ended up punching his mother with a closed fist. When cops arrived, the mother admitted to hiding the toilet paper because her son was using too much. Although the mother declined medical treatment, authorities still decided to apprehend the man for his actions. He’s been charged with battery. Authorities in California have noticed a huge uptick in domestic violence incidents since the quarantine started.