Arkansas Woman Arrested After Holding 4 High School Students at Gunpoint

SUSPECT: Jerri Kelly

CHARGES: Aggravated assault, false imprisonment and endangering the welfare of a minor


THE DETAILS: Four teenagers were going door-to-door asking for donations for their high school football team in Wynne, Arkansas. The fundraiser is held every year according to the county’s District Superintendent. The teens, who are all black, approached the home of one woman who immediately forced them to the ground at gunpoint. The suspect, later identified as Jerri Kelly, was reportedly suspicious of the teenagers. When they approached her home, she feared for her safety. She also claimed to be a victim of a prior home invasion, and that’s what led her to pull the gun on the teens. She called the police, but no one was taken to jail. A few days later, authorities put out a warrant for Kelly’s arrest. She turned herself in on Monday.


State Representative from Indiana Behind Bars After Searching for Cocaine

SUSPECT: Dan Forestal

CHARGES: August 11

DATE OF ARREST: Operating a vehicle while intoxicated, impersonating a public servant and resisting law enforcement

THE DETAILS: Representative Forestal, an elected official, is facing severe public scrutiny after he was caught impersonating police officers and firefighters in a strange quest for cocaine. According to several witnesses and bystanders, the state representative initially attempted to pretend to be a firefighter at a bar. He asked several patrons and the bartender where he could locate some cocaine. When that turned out unsuccessful, he decided to hit the streets. He approached one couple, pulled out a fake badge and claimed he was with law enforcement. He said he was conducting a drug bust and demanded they tell him where the people selling drugs were. Later, he was caught driving while intoxicated.


Bam Margera Arrested for Trespassing, Back in Rehab

SUSPECT: Bam Margera

CHARGES: Trespassing


THE DETAILS: Bam Margera, former Jackass and Viva La Bam star, has found himself back in rehab after getting arrested for trespassing. According to the authorities, Margera was at a hotel on Sunset Boulevard when he allegedly began harassing patrons. When police arrived on the scene, it was evident that Margera wasn’t in the right frame of mind. His family has spoken to media outlets where they’ve expressed their concern. Margera is allegedly bi-polar, but he’s been off his medication. After his arrest and release, Bam agreed to return to rehab.


Strange Rice Cooker Package Causes Panic in NYC Subway Station

SUSPECT: Larry Griffin

CHARGES: Placing a false bomb


THE DETAILS: On Friday morning, a NYC subway station was sent into a frenzied panic when a few bystanders noticed two strange rice cooker packages. Fearing the worst, several concerned citizens called 911, while others rushed out of the area. Upon investigating the scene, the police determined that there were no explosives in the devices. Despite that, the false packages caused a lot of panic. Later, a third device was found in a nearby neighborhood. Luckily, the suspect’s actions were all caught on camera. Now, he’s been taken into police custody for further questioning.


At Least 13 Arrested in Portland Protests

CHARGES: Illegal possession of a firearm, disobeying police orders


THE DETAILS: Portland Police officially declared the protests going on a ‘civil disturbance’ when things got heated Saturday evening. Authorities confirmed that members of both the far-right and far-left were holding opposing protests at the same time. At its peak, over 1,000 members were on the streets. After some time, the police ordered everyone to leave. At that time, 13 people were arrested. The police also released images of several weapons that were seized like bear spray, metal poles and shields. President Trump took notice of the event and said on Twitter that Antifa should be labeled an “Organization of Terror.”


Suspect in FL Arrested After Threatening Mass Shooting Attack

SUSPECT: Tristan Scott Wix

CHARGES: Threatening to commit a mass shooting


THE DETAILS: A Daytona resident is facing serious charges after his “fascination” with mass shootings became threatening. According to authorities, the suspect was texting another unidentified witness. During the conversation, the suspect sent several threatening messages detailing his plans to shoot as many innocent people as he could. He made several statements indicating that he wanted to have the “world record” for the “largest confirmed kill ever.” The witness was disturbed and immediately forwarded the texts to the police. Now, the 25-year-old is behind bars. He’s being denied bond at this time.