Police Find Attorney Deceased in Home: Suspect Arrested in Backyard

SUSPECT: William Franklin

CHARGES: First-degree murder, burglary with battery


THE DETAILS: On Sunday morning, authorities in the Orlando area received a call about a woman getting attacked in a residence. Although the police rushed over to the scene, the victim was already deceased by the time they arrived. Erin Hartigan, a 44-year-old Orange County attorney, was found murdered in her own home. The police quickly started investigating, and they reportedly found a number of clues in the surrounding neighborhood. They also discovered a 33-year-old man attempting to hide in the victim’s backyard. The man, later identified as William Franklin, was promptly arrested for both murder and burglary.


Seattle Riots Lead to 18 Arrests, Multiple Injuries

SUSPECTS: 18 individuals

CHARGES: Unlawful assembly, refusing to comply with police orders


THE DETAILS: Once again, protests that broke out over the weekend degenerated into a violent brawl between police and citizens in Seattle. According to police, the ordeal started around 7 PM when about 100 protestors met outside of a Seattle neighborhood. On top of the on-foot protesters, more citizens followed behind in their vehicles to support the cause. All the individuals headed towards a housing development where the Seattle Police Officer Guild is located. At first, things were peaceful, but when night struck, things took a turn for the worse. Some protesters started detonating “large explosives” and attempted to break into a police officer’s vehicle. When police started asking everyone to disperse, the crowd turned violent. They began throwing bottles, explosives, rocks, and other projectiles at the police officers, several of whom suffered injuries. A riot was declared after three officers had to be rushed to the hospital. 18 suspects were arrested.


2 Suspects Arrested for Run DMC Member Jay Master Jay’s Murder in 2002

SUSPECTS: Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr

CHARGES: Murder while engaged in drug trafficking


THE DETAILS: It’s been almost 20 years since Jam Master Jay, a member of the Run DMC group, was found deceased in his studio office, but police finally believe they’ve identified the suspects responsible for his death. According to authorities, justice couldn’t have been served if it wasn’t for the hard work of past Queens detectives, the ATF, and the FBI. Had those groups not been so persistent, then Jay Master Jay’s murder would still be considered a cold case. Instead, authorities have finally arrested two men. The police believe both suspects broke into Jay Master Jay’s studio back in 2002. Both were allegedly armed. Police then believe Karl Jordan Jr. fired a shot at Jay Master Jay, which fatally struck him in the head. After further investigation, police believe cocaine played a major role in the murder. Also of interest, the primary suspect, Jordan Jr., was also accused of attempting to murder Jay Master Jay’s nephew in 2003. The charges were eventually dropped, but the connection is interesting nonetheless.


New Yorkers Harassed By Neighbors for Three Years: Two Finally Arrested

SUSPECTS: John McEneaney, Mindy Canarick

CHARGES: Harassment, tampering with property, criminal mischief


THE DETAILS: Jennifer McLeggan, an African American who lives in New York, says her neighbors (who are white) have been harassing her since at least 2017. According to McLeggan, the attacks started when her neighbors tried to intimidate her. She has repeatedly posted evidence of the harassment on her social media profiles and given the authorities information to investigate. Jennifer has had to call the police over 45 times since the harassment started. The couple reportedly shot pellet guns towards Jennifer’s house, smeared feces on her house, and even put dead squirrels on her lawn. She believes the couple wanted to intimidate her to move out of the area. Finally, the two neighbors accused of the vile acts have been taken into police custody.


Steve Bannon and Others Arrested for Defrauding Investors With “We Build the Wall” Scam

SUSPECT: Steve Bannon

CHARGES: Conspiracy to commit wire fraud, conspiracy to commit money laundering


THE DETAILS: Steve Bannon, who is most notably known for advising President Trump, was taken into police custody on Thursday after being accused of defrauding millions of investors. According to the Justice Department, Bannon and a partner started the online scam back in December of 2018. The duo set up a donation campaign called “We Build the Wall.” The idea was that all the money donated to the campaign would go directly towards building a wall along the Mexican border. The campaign also promised to refund “every single penny” if their fundraising goal wasn’t met. Within only one week, over $17 million was raised. Clearly, two years later, no wall has been built with the funds. After investigations, authorities found that Bannon and his partner used a significant sum of the donations to fund their own lavish lifestyles.