Multi-State Manhunt Ends With Arrest

SUSPECT: Timothy Sargent



THE DETAILS: Last week, authorities in Akron discovered the body of a victim on the Towpath Trail. The victim appeared to have passed away after a shooting incident. It’s unclear what evidence led them to the conclusion, but the police identified two suspects shortly later. One of the suspects, Timothy Sargent, reportedly fled the state with an accomplice, Savannah Emich. Arrest warrants were issued for both individuals, and a multi-state manhunt was initiated. On Monday morning, police in Sioux Falls located both suspects and took them into custody. Now, both suspects are awaiting extradition to Ohio.


TX Professor and Nasa Researcher Arrested for Wire Fraud

SUSPECT: Zhengdong Cheng

CHARGES: Making false statements, conspiracy and wire fraud


THE DETAILS: On Sunday, the Department of Justice apprehended a professor from Texas who has been conducting a lot of research for NASA. According to authorities, the suspect, who works in the College of Engineering at Texas A&M, is accused of hiding his connections with a Chinese-owned company. He was also secretly collaborating and sharing all of his space research with a Chinese University. The college’s System Chancellor explained to the media that they’ve been working with the FBI over the past several months to investigate the situation. The suspect reportedly also gave false information to both the university and NASA. He also gave away proprietary information to Chinese-based sources. Now, he’s been taken into police custody.


Car Pummels Through Iowa City Protesters: Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Michael Stepanek

CHARGES: Intimidation with a dangerous weapon, willful recklessness causing bodily injury


THE DETAILS: Protests have seemingly become the ‘new normal’ everywhere around the country, including Iowa City over the weekend. According to police, protesters were gathered at an intersection between Burlington Street and Gilbert Street. The demonstration was set up by the Iowa Freedom Fighters. The suspect was driving in his Toyota Camry at around 10:25 PM on Friday when he ran into traffic due to the protests. Clearly, the suspect became frustrated at the situation. Authorities found video surveillance footage that shows the suspect honking his horn before squealing his tires and making a u-turn. That’s when Stepanek decided to drive around the block to find the protesters. He turned his car’s lights off in an attempt to sneak up on the demonstrators. Then, he slammed his foot onto the gas peddle and intentionally struck multiple people. He attempted to flee, but authorities tracked him down on Tuesday. He reportedly told officers that the demonstrators needed an “attitude adjustment.”


17-Year-Old Arrested After Shooting in Kenosha

SUSPECT: Kyle Rittenhouse

CHARGES: Intentional first-degree homicide


THE DETAILS: Last Sunday, Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha during an interaction with police officers. In the spirit of 2020, protests inevitably broke out in the following days. By Tuesday, the protests and unrest reached peak levels. At around 11:45 P.M., bullets started flying. According to police, at least two individuals were fatally wounded and a third person was rushed to the hospital with ‘serious’ injuries. The shooting occurred on 63rd Street and Sheridan Road. A short time after the shooting, cellphone video of the incident surfaced online. A young-looking white man can be seen running down the road, and he has a visible firearm with him. Other demonstrators were chasing the man. When he fell to the ground, demonstrators tried to take his gun and hit him. That’s when he reportedly fired off a few shots. Now, that white suspect has been arrested and charged with intentional murder. Authorities found him in Antioch, his hometown.


Latest Development in Breonna Taylor Case: Ex-Boyfriend Arrested on Drug Charges

SUSPECT: Jamarcus Glover

CHARGES: Drug-related charges


THE DETAILS: Back in March, authorities conducted a “no-knock” raid on Breonna Taylor’s home. The police were investigating a narcotics situation, which is what prompted them to investigate Taylor. During the raid, Taylor was unfortunately fatally shot. No drugs were ever found in her apartment. As a result, there’s been a public outcry for further investigation into what happened. Justice for Breonna has trended for weeks. Now, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, has been arrested on drug-related charges. The arrest came just one day after he was speaking to a local newspaper about Taylor’s death. During the interview, he explained that Taylor never had any involvement in any type of drug trade. He also claimed that the police were trying to make the situation out to be Glover’s fault. While Glover and Taylor did have a past relationship, they weren’t dating at the time of her death.