Olympian’s Brother Arrested for Triple Murder

SUSPECT: Tevin Biles-Thomas

CHARGES: Murder, voluntary manslaughter


THE DETAILS: Simone Biles is well-known for being one of the best gymnasts in the world. She recently performed another groundbreaking routine that stole the hearts of many fans across the globe. Now, the gold medalist is facing serious personal issues after her brother was recently arrested for a triple murder. According to initial reports, the shooting occurred on New Year’s Eve. Biles-Thomas showed up at a house party, uninvited, and an altercation broke out. Gunfire erupted and three people were killed. Investigators later learned that Biles-Thomas was the shooter. Very little information has been released by police, but the nation has come out and thrown their support towards the grieving gymnast.


Triple Murder Suspect Captured by Police After Streaking Through a Neighborhood

SUSPECT: Matthew Bernard

CHARGES: Three counts of first-degree murder


THE DETAILS: Media outlets everywhere were shocked after video emerged of a naked man getting apprehended by police in Virginia. The suspect, an 18-year-old, was seen charging at a reporter, choking a caretaker at a church and getting mace to the face during the highly publicized arrest. According to police, a K-9 unit was deployed, which eventually took down the irrational suspect. Later, authorities revealed that the suspect is wanted in connection to a triple murder. Investigators found three bodies, including one young child, earlier in the day, and they’d determined that the suspect played a role. At least seven nearby schools were placed on a temporary lockdown while police attempted to control the situation.


MD Mom Under Arrest After Newborn Found Abandoned in Woods

SUSPECT: Leticia Guzman

CHARGES: Child neglect and reckless endangerment


THE DETAILS: Back on August 17th, a citizen was walking along in a neighborhood when he heard a baby crying from the woods. He immediately sprung into action and began searching for the source of the sound. He was astonished when he discovered an abandoned newborn child in bad condition. Immediately, 911 was called and police took control of the situation. The child was rushed to the hospital, and it was determined that the child had been born only a few hours prior. About a week later, a woman showed up at the emergency room seeking treatment for “heavy menstruation.” Doctors and police both recognized that the woman had been pregnant and given birth. It was later determined that she was the mother of the abandoned newborn. After receiving medical treatment, she was taken directly to jail. It remains unclear why she abandoned the child when Maryland has safe haven laws.


Police Stop Potential Terrorist Attack, Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Unnamed 19-year-old from New York

CHARGES: Conspiracy to commit a terrorist act

THE DETAILS: Police in New York have put a stop to a potential terrorist attack after arresting a 19-year-old who hoped to conduct a knife attack in the name of ISIS. The suspect, who remains unnamed, was allegedly in communication with an undercover agent. That’s how police learned about his plot to kill. Police have announced that they believe there’s no further threat to the community now that the suspect is in police custody. They’ve yet to reveal the specifics of the teen’s targets or plans.


College Freshman Arrested After Planning Mass Shooting Event from Dorm Room

SUSPECT: Paul Steber

CHARGES: Possession of weapons on campus, making threats of mass violence


THE DETAILS: Paul Steber seemed like a normal freshman attending a North Carolina university until he became overly desperate to become a part of an on-campus fraternity. According to authorities, the suspect began threatening to kill himself and his roommate if he didn’t get accepted. Other students became concerned and alerted the police. That’s when authorities visited the suspect’s dorm room and discovered firearms inside. The cops were even more suspicious when they learned the firearms had just been purchased over the weekend. Other students started coming forward with information, and it was revealed that the suspect had been planning a ‘shooting spree’ since at least Christmas. It was also uncovered that he had wanted to attend a university in North Carolina specifically because he believed it would be easier to get access to guns in the state than in others. Now, the suspect is in custody and police are praising the public for coming forward with all the information. Police Chief Kenneth J. Shultz explained how public tips and information is “often the critical first step in preventing acts of mass violence.”