Police Reform Protest in Cottonwood Leads to 8 Arrests

SUSPECTS: At least 8 unidentified protesters

CHARGES: Failure to comply with a police order


THE DETAILS: According to authorities, at least 150 individuals decided to come together for a “March for Justice” on Sunday evening. The group of citizens all came out to demonstrate support for Zane James, a teenager who was shot twice by an off duty officer last year. The group was also advocating for police reform. It all started at about 4 PM when all the protestors met at Mill Hollow Park. Initially, the demonstration was peaceful, but the group eventually moved into the streets. At that time, the police responded and began asking the demonstrators to move out of the street. Suddenly, violence broke out. Some protestors reportedly punched and kicked officers. According to the community, it’s unclear why this protest resulted in violence because they’ve been coming out to protest about seven or eight times within the past two months. At least 8 individuals were taken into police custody, but their identities or specific charges have not yet been revealed.


US Marshals Stand Off With Homicide Suspect, Akron Man Arrested

SUSPECT: Charles Deel II



THE DETAILS: On July 30th, authorities discovered a 29-year-old victim on Kenmore Boulevard in Akron. The victim was clearly suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, so he was promptly transported to the hospital. He later succumbed to his injuries and passed away. Authorities quickly began investigating the situation. Within a few days, the US Marshals identified Charles Deel II as the primary suspect. They discovered that he was hiding out in a home in Scio, Ohio. When approached by the authorities, Deel refused to exit his home. A standoff ensued, but the suspect eventually gave up. He was then arrested and charged with murder.


Maine Mom Arrested With $70,000 Worth of Drugs and Two Kids in Car

SUSPECT: Kayla Thistlewood

CHARGES: Aggravated trafficking of a controlled substance


THE DETAILS: Authorities in Maine conducting a traffic stop were astonished at what they found inside one mom’s vehicle. The police confirmed that the suspect’s vehicle was identified and stopped as part of an ongoing drug distribution investigation. When they pulled over the car, they discovered a 27-year-old mom and her two young children inside. The children were about one and four-years-old. Despite the kids being inside the vehicle, authorities also discovered an overwhelming amount of drugs. At least 43 grams of cocaine and 235 grams of heroin was discovered. In all, there was about $70,000 worth of drugs. The mother was arrested and placed in police custody. Both children are now being cared for by one of their family members.


Fugitive From 1974 Who Escaped Prison Re-Arrested in New Mexico

SUSPECT: Luis Archuleta

CHARGES: Outstanding warrant for shooting a police officer


THE DETAILS: Back in 1973, Luis Archuleta was convicted of shooting a Denver Police Department Officer. According to court records, the suspect reportedly shot Officer Daril Cinquanata in the stomach back in 1971. After his conviction, he was sent to a Colorado Department of Corrections facility. Somehow, he managed to escape and elude authorities for years. Cinquanta, the officer who was shot, never gave up searching for him, though. Cinquanta is now retired, which means he’s had more time to dedicate to his search. In June of this year, the former officer received a tip that claimed the suspect was living in New Mexico under an alias. By following up on the lead, the retired cop located the suspect and informed the FBI. Now, the escaped convicted has finally been re-arrested and taken back into police custody. FBI Special Agent Michael Schneider said this arrest should send a message to offenders everywhere. The FBI will track you down no matter how far your run or how long it takes.


State Representative from Alabama Arrested for Theft

SUSPECT: Will Dismukes

CHARGES: First-degree theft


THE DETAILS: Back on May 20th, the owner of a Weiss Flooring store contacted authorities. According to their initial reports, they believed an employee had stolen a large sum of cash from their company. Now, a surprising arrest has come out of the investigation. State Representative Will Dismukes has now been charged with first-degree theft. A police warrant was issued, and Dismukes turned himself into police custody in the afternoon on August 6. While many details are still being withheld, a first-degree theft charge often involves amounts exceeding $2,500. The alleged incident occurred sometime between 2016-2018. If convicted, then Will Dismukes will be formally removed from office.