Justice for Jean Jenkins: Suspect Charged in 2016 Death

SUSPECT: Leroy Neal Sr.

CHARGES: Voluntary manslaughter


THE DETAILS: Back in October of 2016, Jean Jenkins went missing. Authorities and the community in Fort Valley, Georgia searched for her for days, and her body was eventually located on November 1st. She was discovered in the woods off Davidson Drive. At the time, not much was known about who could’ve been responsible for the horrific crime. Then, on Friday, police in Fort Valley announced that they’ve finally arrested the 2016 disappearance. The suspect is a 62-year-old man, and it remains unclear what evidence led investigators to make this arrest years later. The investigation is still ongoing, and more details will be released in the coming days. For now, Leroy Neal Sr. is being held at the Peach County Law Enforcement Center on a voluntary manslaughter charge.


Black Lives Matter Mural Leads to Mulitple Arrests in Bennington

SUSPECTS: Max Misch, three others

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: On Sunday evening and throughout Monday, the community in Bennington attempted to paint a large ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural. The large event was more than just painting the mural, though. There was live music, free snacks, and other family-friendly activities going on. Throughout the process, protestors continued to show up and derail the community’s efforts to paint the mural. At one point, the Black Lives Matter group joined hands around their mural to protect it from rowdy protestors. As things got more and more heated, the police were forced to make some arrests. Among those arrested for disorderly conduct was Max Misch, a self-proclaimed white nationalist. Misch reportedly began shoving and pushing people before intentionally walking through the wet paint to destroy the painter’s progress.


Former Councilman in Bell City Accused of Murder

SUSPECT: Danny Harber


DATE OF ARREST: September 1

THE DETAILS: In the early hours of Tuesday morning, police officers in Bell City received reports of gunshots coming from a home on Weik Avenue. Authorities rushed out to the scene. Once they arrived, they discovered that the house in question belonged to a former Bell city councilman. Danny Harber was elected and served from 2011-2013. Despite that, they also discovered Harber’s wife deceased in the home. She was suffering from a fatal gunshot wound to the upper torso. As a result, Harber was immediately placed into police custody. Now, he’s being questioned under the suspicion of murdering his wife.


Suspect Arrested After Caught Carrying AR-15 Near Vermont BLM Protest

SUSPECT: Jordan Atwood

CHARGES: Violating the terms of release from prison


THE DETAILS: We are all aware of how tense race relations have become over the past several months. Now, a 25-year-old from Vermont has been arrested after repeatedly bringing an AR-15 to Black Live Matters Rallies in the state. According to authorities, police first noticed the suspect on Saturday evening with his weapon. The suspect was across the street from Battery Park. Protesters have been meeting and camping out in the area over the last week. Several individuals alerted the authorities about the situation, but Vermont is an open-carry state. So, dispatchers initially didn’t respond. They told concerned citizens that the suspect was simply “exercising his Constitutional rights.” Despite telling citizens that, authorities did start to monitor the situation. He was seen again on Sunday at the same park with his weapon. An officer approached him, but the suspect refused to identify himself. That’s when police did some research and realized the man was formerly released from prison and not having firearms was one of the conditions of his release. Once the authorities realized that fact, they asked for a search warrant. On Monday night, they again received a report about the armed suspect near the protesters. They responded, and found the suspect carrying both an AR-15 and a pistol. He was immediately taken into police custody.


TN Trooper Arrested for Assaulting Protester

SUSPECT: Harvey Briggs

CHARGES: Assault

DATE OF ARREST: September 3

THE DETAILS: Last month, Tennessee Trooper Harvey Briggs was called out to monitor a developing protest situation at the Tennessee State Library archives. While he was there, he reportedly assaulted an individual who was participating in a peaceful protest. Video footage, which surfaced on social media later, shows the trooper approaching the victim. The officer then touched the victim’s face, ripped off his mask, and threw the mask into the air. The protester, who was wearing the mask to protect himself from coronavirus, said the officer threatened to arrest him if he impeded his work. Following the incident, the officer was fired. Now, he’s been arrested on assault charges.