Montana Man Assaults Child at Rodeo for “Disrespecting” the Anthem

SUSPECT: Curt James Brockway

CHARGES: Assault on a minor


THE DETAILS: A Montana mother dropped off her 13-year-old son at a rodeo event over the weekend, but she was horrified to receive a call just minutes later saying the youngster was getting transported to the hospital. According to witnesses, a 39-year-old man noticed the boy wearing his hat during the national anthem. The man requested that the boy take off his hat as a sign of respect, but the teen refused. That’s when the older man grabbed the boy by the neck and slammed him to the ground with such force that the boy’s skull was fractured. Bystanders reported that the man felt his actions were justified because of the boy’s disrespect. Later, Brockway was taken to jail and charged with assaulting a minor.


Suspect Arrested After Mass Shooting in El Paso

SUSPECT: Patrick W. Crusius

CHARGES: Capital murder


THE DETAILS: The nation is in shock after an armed man began shooting indiscriminately at shoppers in an El Paso Walmart. At least 22 people were killed as a result of the ambush, which was carried out with an AK-47-style rifle. The suspect reportedly peacefully surrendered once cops arrived at the scene. He explained that he was intentionally targeting Mexicans and also pointed towards a four-page manifesto to explain his motive. He claims he was carrying out the shooting in “response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.” The prosecutor in this case will be seeking the death penalty for this outrageous crime.


Gunman Opens Fire in Dayton, Ohio

SUSPECT: Connor Betts

DATE OF EVENT: August 4th

THE DETAILS: At least nine people were killed after a gunman opened fire in Dayton, Ohio. The suspect, Connor Betts, was reportedly wearing armor and had every intention to commit a mass shooting just one day after the El Paso event. According to authorities, the suspect was neutralized within 32 seconds of opening fire. Despite the prompt response, the shooter managed to disperse at least 41 bullets into the crowd. The ordeal killed nine and left 27 others injured. Among those who perished was the shooter, Connor Betts, who was taken down by armed police.


Man in Missouri Shows Up at Walmart Armed and Wearing Bullet-Proof Vest

SUSPECT: Dmitriy N. Andreychenko

CHARGES: Making a terrorist threat


THE DETAILS: Just days following two horrific mass shootings, a man in Missouri decided to show up at Walmart wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying a loaded rifle. Thankfully, an armed off-duty firefighter immediately stopped the suspect and reached out to the police. No shots were fired, but the man obviously wanted to cause chaos and strike fear in the hearts of local shoppers. He did just that as some of the store’s shoppers pulled the fire alarm and began fleeing for their lives. The suspect was reportedly carrying more than 100 rounds of ammunition. According to police, the suspect said his motive was to see if “Walmart honored the 2nd Amendment.” Now, the suspect is being charged with making a terrorist threat.


Suspect in Las Vegas Arrested After Plotting Firebomb Attack

SUSPECT: Conor Climo

CHARGES: Possessing an unregistered firearm in the form of the component parts of a destructive device


THE DETAILS: An FBI anti-terrorism task force is being credited with stopping another mass casualty event after they detained and arrested a Las Vegas man. The suspect, Conor Climo, was reportedly plotting to blow up either an LGTBQ bar or a Las Vegas synagogue. The FBI learned about the suspect’s plot when he unintentionally communicated with an undercover informant who identified as a white supremacist. The two had several conversations in which the suspect discussed creating a home-made Molotov. When he was eventually apprehended, authorities discovered parts of a bomb in the man’s home. He was also in possession of several hand-drawn schematics and two firearms.


Houston Man Smashes $8,000 Jesus Statue

SUSPECT: Jonathan Deaver-Davis

CHARGES: Felony criminal mischief


THE DETAILS: One church in Houston was shocked when they realized their iconic Jesus statue had been shattered to pieces. Upon reviewing the surveillance video, members of the congregation realized the act was completely intentional. They reached out to police, but authorities initially couldn’t pinpoint the suspect’s identity. Weeks later, cops caught up with the suspect when a store reached out for help with a trespasser. When authorities arrived at the scene, they recognized the man as the person who had smashed the Jesus statue. He was promptly arrested.