Drunk TN Woman Strikes Child With Her Car

SUSPECT: Ebony Robinson

CHARGES: Reckless aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest


THE DETAILS: In the late hours of Sunday, a 28-year-old woman from Tennessee made the mistake of reportedly drinking and driving. According to police reports, the woman was getting into her car in a Bordeaux apartment complex in the same area that two children were playing around. The woman allegedly began backing up her car at “an unusually high speed,” and she suddenly struck both kids, who were between six and ten years old. The police were called. When they arrived, one officer immediately smelled alcohol on the woman’s breath. When questioned, she admitted to having a few drinks earlier. The officer also noticed a Styrofoam cup that appeared to smell like tequila in the center console of the suspect’s vehicle. After being questioned, the suspect then began arguing with bystanders. That’s when officers moved in to make the arrest.


Downtown Chicago Gets Out Of Control: 100 Arrested and 13 Officers Injured

SUSPECTS: Over 100 suspects

CHARGES: Felony criminal conduct


THE DETAILS: We all know how volatile things have been over the past few months. Protests have become the ‘new normal,’ as people flood the streets to express their dissatisfaction with politicians, police, and more. Over the weekend, things came to a head in downtown Chicago. According to reports, police initially responded when they received a call about someone with a firearm downtown. The police arrived and attempted to confront the suspect, but the man reportedly fled on foot and began discharging bullets towards the officers. Due to the suspect’s actions, the officers were forced to shoot back. The 20-year-old man was struck by a bullet but so were three officers. All of those involved were rushed to the hospital. Shortly later, police started receiving reports of looting, so they were forced to go back out on the street. While responding, one officer was struck with a bottle and another had his nose broken by protesters. Things continued to escalate, and more civilians were struck by gunfire from protesters. Authorities were forced to shut the street down, and the next day, several colleges were closed. City Hall employees were told to work from home. Looters continued to wreak havoc. By Monday, police confirmed over 31 shootings had occurred over the weekend. Over 100 individuals were arrested for various crimes.


Shooter Outside of the White House: Trump Rushed Away by Secret Service Mid-Speech

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Not reported yet


THE DETAILS: On Monday afternoon, Americans were listening to the President giving a coronavirus update live from just outside of the White House. Suddenly, a Secret Service Agent steps onto the stage and whispered to President Trump. Trump exclaims “oh!” before calmly walking off the stage mid-speech. Once he returned a few minutes later, he confirmed that an armed suspect had been taken down right outside of where he was giving his speech. While details are still fuzzy, it appears that the man outside approached a Secret Service agent and told him he was armed. The suspect then crouched down and pulled something out of his clothes. The agent was forced to make a quick decision, and he decided to shoot the suspect. The suspect has been taken to the hospital, but it remains unclear whether he was attempting to target the President or not.


FL Man Selling Deadly Coronavirus Cure Arrested in Columbia

SUSPECT: Mark Grenon

CHARGES: Conspiracy to violate the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, conspiracy to defraud the US, criminal contempt


THE DETAILS: At least seven Americans have died after ingesting a toxic ‘miracle’ cure for coronavirus that was touted by a Floridian man and his sons. According to police, the suspect decided to create a mixture of sodium chlorite and water. From there, they named the product “Miracle Mineral Solution,” and began bottling it to sell. The man claimed that the solution was a cure for Covid-19, although there is NO evidence to back up his statements. The FDA and the US government confirmed that there is currently no cure or confirmed treatment for the new virus. Instead, the miracle solution becomes chlorine dioxide when ingested, which is a toxic bleach. It’s unclear how many Americans have been hurt by the product. In July, the suspect was formally charged, but authorities couldn’t track down the suspect. Now, he’s been located and arrested in Columbia. He’s set to be extradited to America to face justice. Surveys indicate that an overwhelming 39% of Americans have engaged in risky behaviors, like ingesting disinfectant, to ward of the virus.