High School Wrestling Coach Arrested for Soliciting Sex From a Minor

SUSPECT: Donald Graven

CHARGES: Soliciting sex from a minor

DATE OF ARREST: December 13

THE DETAILS: Authorities from the Covington Police Department were dismayed when they heard negative rumors about a local high school wrestling coach. On December 2nd, they were informed that a student had come forward with a disturbing story. The victim, who is now 24-years-old, wanted her story to be heard. She explained that when she was a student back in 2014, the wrestling coach had indulged in inappropriate behavior. She explained that the two used electronic devices to communicate back and forth. The messages were mostly sexual in nature. The messages eventually led to the two having consensual sex. Despite the act being consensual, the victim was a minor and student at the time. The victim also provided police with evidence to prove her side of things. As a result, Donald Graven was immediately arrested and charged.


Suspect Drops Off 2-Year-Old at a Goodwill in Mississippi

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Not yet released

DATE OF ARREST: December 14

THE DETAILS: The story of one two-year-old child has touched the hearts of millions of Americans. On Monday, employees at a Goodwill in Southaven, Mississippi, were forced to reach out to emergency services. According to the witnesses, a two-year-old boy had been abandoned at the site. It was clear that his parents (or whoever dropped him off) were not planning on coming back for him. The man who was with the child approached a Goodwill employee and told him that the child’s mother could no longer care for him. A few moments later, the man was gone. The child was found carrying a handwritten note that said “child abandoned… no phone number for mom.” He also had a plastic bag with a change of clothes. Surveillance footage captured the abandonment on camera. Police immediately reached out to the public for help in identifying the child and the person who dropped him off. With the help of several tips from the community, police identified and located a suspect in Memphis, Tennessee. The person of interest was arrested, but authorities have yet to identify the person publicly or explain the motive behind abandoning the youngster. The child is currently in custody of Child Protective Services in Mississippi.


Suspect Arrested After Fatal Shooting at Texas Car Dealership

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: Capital murder

DATE OF ARREST: December 15

THE DETAILS: On Monday, officers at the Fort Worth Police Department were called out to Bills Auto Sales, a car dealership, to respond to an incident. Upon arriving, police discovered a deceased woman who was clearly suffering from a gunshot wound that had penetrated her upper torso. Detectives combed the area looking for clues, and the next day they discovered two more deceased victims in an abandoned building in Palo Pinto County. They believe the two incidents are related. Authorities haven’t released many other details, but they did confirm that their investigations led them to a suspect. An arrest warrant was filed, and the suspect was discovered at his home. Now, the unidentified shooter is being charged with capital murder. His current bond is set at $1 million.


Former Houston Police Captain Arrested After “Investigating” 2020 Voter Fraud

SUSPECT: Mark Anthony Aguirre

CHARGES: Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon

DATE OF ARREST: December 15

THE DETAILS: According to police, former Houston Police Captain Mark Aguirre got caught up in a private investigation into the 2020 election. A private citizens group who was hoping to prove voter fraud asked for the former captain’s help. They also paid him a sum of over a quarter-million dollars to get to the bottom of the situation. Aguirre accepted the money and started looking into the group’s claims. In October, Aguirre solicited the help of a lieutenant who works with the Texas Attorney General’s Office. He asked the man to conduct a traffic stop on a specific individual that Aguirre believed was a part of voter fraud activity in the 2020 election. The idea was rejected by the department, so Aguirre decided to take things into his own hands. He started conducting independent surveillance on the alleged suspect, which reportedly lasted for at least four days. According to Aguirre’s observations, the man was suspected of having 750,000 fraudulent ballots inside of his truck. After making the connection, Aguirre decided to smash his own SUV into the person’s truck. Then, Aguirre pointed a firearm at the man and forced him to the ground in what he called a “citizen’s arrest.” Police arrived shortly later, and they discovered Aguirre with his knee on the man’s back. Police investigated and determined the alleged suspect was an “innocent and ordinary” air-conditioner repairman. He didn’t have any ballots inside his car, and he didn’t have any connection to any supposed voter fraud activities. Now, they’re calling Aguirre’s private goose chase as unfounded.