DNA Match Leads to Arrest in 2013 Murder Case

SUSPECT: Bradford Hudson

CHARGES: Capital murder

DATE OF ARREST: December 15

THE DETAILS: In July of 2018, maintenance workers discovered the remains of Martha Batchelor while working at an apartment complex. The police were notified, and it was soon revealed that the victim had been murdered. Investigators did recover DNA evidence, but their leads went cold for years. Recently, Hudson was taken into custody for an unrelated domestic violence incident. During the course of this other investigation, Hudson’s DNA was submitted to the national database. That’s when authorities finally found a match for the cold 2013 murder case. Looking back, the police made the connection. Apparently, the suspect and victim resided in the same apartment complex in 2013. Now, he’s been charged with capital murder.


Mercury Spill Leads to Arrest of 19-Year-Old Suspect

SUSPECT: Christopher Melder

CHARGES: Unlawful disposal of hazardous material, burglary

DATE OF ARREST: December 16

THE DETAILS: Select businesses in Houston were confused over the weekend when they all found a strange substance outside of their establishments. Walmart, Sonic and a Shell gas station all reported the incidents to the police. Investigators took samples of the substances and were then alerted about another situation. A patron of one of the establishments had been rushed to the hospital. Doctors discovered the person was suffering from Mercury exposure. Once authorities put together the pieces, they identified a 19-year-old as the culprit. They believe he obtained the mercury after breaking into a warehouse. Officials confirmed that the threat is not ongoing and the spilled mercury poses little risk to the community.


Brave Hero Stops Wanted Man, Missing Toddler Found Safe, Father is Under Arrest

SUSPECT: Victor Magana

CHARGES: Kidnapping, assault

DATE OF ARREST: December 16

THE DETAILS: Police in California rushed out to a residence when neighbors reported hearing horrifying screams coming from the Magana residence. When they arrived, they found a woman suffering from severe knife wounds. Despite her injuries, she was able to communicate to the cops that her boyfriend, Victor Magana, had stabbed her and taken their two-year-old child. An Amber alert was immediately issued, and police warned the public to watch out for the toddler and her “armed and dangerous” father. On Monday, a brave citizen at a gas station recognized the suspect and reached out to authorities. More heroes emerged as they rushed in to block the suspect’s car from leaving. Victor has been taken into custody. The two-year-old is safe, and the Amber alert has been canceled.


CBD Producer Arrested After Refusing to Pay Hemp Farmers

SUSPECT: Douglas Bell


DATE OF ARREST: December 18

THE DETAILS: The hemp plan was finally legalized by President Trump recently, but that hasn’t solved all the industry’s problems. CBD, an oil derived from hemp, has become wildly popular, so many investors have begun sinking money into CBD-related businesses. Douglas Bell owns the CBD-Vermont company, but he was recently taken into custody after failing to pay off farmers who grew and harvested hemp for his operations. According to the farmers, they’ve suffered over $500,000 in losses as a result of Bell’s failure to pay. Authorities looking into the matter supported the hemp farmers and arrived at Bell’s residence to question him. The suspect immediately attempted to get into his car and flee the area, which led to an additional DUI charge.


Steelers Football Player Facing Serious Charges After Refusing to Leave Bar

SUSPECT: Kameron Kelly

CHARGES: Issuing terroristic threats, resisting arrest

DATE OF ARREST: December 20

THE DETAILS: Police were called out to a bar in the early hours of Friday morning when a patron was refusing to leave. When officers arrived, they recognized the suspect as a Steeler’s football player, but that didn’t stop them from pressing serious charges against him. According to authorities, Kelly was asked to leave the bar after threatening to knock out a staff member over the song that was playing. Despite repeated requests to vacate, Kelly refused. Officers arrived and explained the situation, but Kelly still tried to reenter the bar. Then, he became outraged and things got out of control when someone accidentally stepped on his girlfriend’s foot. He threatened to hurt that person, too. Authorities were forced to throw punches to subdue the football player.


Oklahoma Teenager Goes Missing, Now Boyfriend’s Arrested for Her Murder

SUSPECT: Tanner Washington

CHARGES: First-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: October 19

THE DETAILS: 17-year-old Faith Lindsey was last seen on October 28th. Since that time, the authorities have been working overtime in an attempt to locate her. Investigators were very concerned when they interviewed Faith’s sister. Her sister claims that Faith’s boyfriend, Tanner Washington, began texting her one night claiming that Faith was missing. Shortly later, she began getting text messages from her sister’s phone. The messages indicated Lindsey was with someone who wouldn’t take her home, but Faith’s sister was suspicious. According to her, the messages were written in a distinct style and her sister never spoke like that. When authorities approached Washington, he initially attempted to claim that he received a message indicating Faith had been shot. After more investigating, police are now convinced that Washington played a role in her murder.