Football Fan Gets Into Fight with Police Officer

SUSPECT: Elvis Matejcic

CHARGES: Aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

DATE OF ARREST: December 1

THE DETAILS: Things got heated over the weekend when one rowdy football fan got carried away after his team scored a touchdown. According to officers, the suspect was reportedly having a drink at Heinz Field on Sunday during the Steelers-Browns game. After consuming the beverage, the Steelers reportedly scored. This triumph prompted Elvis and others to rush a fence. A nearby officer intervened and asked everyone to step away from the fence. The suspect refused and was informed that he could be ejected from the stadium if he continued. That’s when Elvis reportedly swung his fist at the officer’s chest. A small scuffle ensued, and the fan was arrested.


Children Found Hanged to Death: Pennsylvania Mom Arrested on Multiple Charges

SUSPECT: Lisa Snyder

CHARGES: Murder, tampering with evidence, endangering the welfare of a child, beastiality

DATE OF ARREST: December 2

THE DETAILS: About ten weeks ago, Pennsylvania Police were called out to a residence. When they arrived, they were very disturbed to find two young children hanging from the basement ceiling. The victims were only eight and four-years-old. Investigators were horrified when their mother told authorities that her young son was suicidal after severe bullying at school. Upon looking into her claims, police learned the boy was never bullied and was unlikely suicidal at only eight years old. Further digging uncovered even more disturbing details. Messages on Facebook alluded to the fact that Snyder had “had enough” of her children, and she’d been browsing the web for suspicious things like carbon monoxide poisoning. Authorities also found sexually explicit images of the mother and a dog. She was arrested Monday and charged with several crimes.


Woman Arrested After Attempting to Sell Child to Couple

SUSPECT: Maria Domingo-Perez

CHARGES: Selling a minor

DATE OF ARREST: December 3

THE DETAILS: Officials at an Elementary School in Kentucky became suspicious when they witnessed the suspect appearing to give away one of her children to another couple. They immediately reached out to the police who began investigating. Authorities that arrived on the scene were given conflicting statements from the involved parties, but eventually, the conspiracy came to light. The mother was attempting to sell one of her five children to the couple for $2,000. The mother was arrested and all five of her children are now in state custody. The couple that attempted to purchase the child was also arrested.


Three Students Arrested for Terroristic Threats Against School

SUSPECTS: Three minors ages 12, 13 and 14

CHARGES: Issuing terroristic threats

DATE OF ARREST: December 4

THE DETAILS: Wedgewood Park International School was bombarded with violent threats this past week. For three straight days, the school was threatened and officials were all on high-alert. Around noon on Tuesday, there was talk about a social media threat to shoot up the school. Officials successfully identified the students responsible, and they were all arrested and charged with making terroristic threats.


TN Man Arrested After Counselor Brutally Killed at Work

SUSPECT: Brian Conley

CHARGES: Criminal homicide

DATE OF ARREST: December 5

THE DETAILS: On Wednesday morning, employees of Crossroads Counseling arrived to work and made a horrifying discovery. One of their co-workers was found deceased in a back office and suffering from multiple stab wounds. Police immediately began investigating the crime. Upon viewing surveillance video, investigators found that Brian Conley had come into the office the night before. When they questioned him, they noticed wounds on his hands that seemed to be knife wounds from an attack. Conley was arrested, but he hasn’t given police any details about what happened. Investigators do not believe the victim and suspect knew each other before the attack.


Climate Action Protest Results in Dozens of Arrests

SUSPECTS: 27 individuals

CHARGES: Trespassing

DATE OF ARREST: December 6

THE DETAILS: Dozens of activists representing the Sunrise Movement left a protest with trespassing charges on Friday. The individuals were all younger adults who believe in climate change and want to push for action like that suggested in the Green Deal. To spread awareness, the protesters met at around 10:30 A.M. at Copley Square. The initial rally went great, but then several individuals decided to move their event to the State House. Once there, the activists gathered in a hallway outside of Governor Charlie Baker’s office for over six hours. The police eventually arrived and asked everyone to disperse. Most individuals listened, but those who resisted were arrested on trespassing charges.