Oregon Man Arrested After Hate Crime Against FedEx Driver

SUSPECT: Rodney Bryant

CHARGES: First-degree hate crime, menacing, and unlawful use of a weapon

DATE OF ARREST: December 20

THE DETAILS: For the past few months, postal delivery drivers have been under strict scrutiny. From being responsible for ballots to carrying out Christmas deliveries, postal carriers have had a tough job to do amidst the pandemic. Over the weekend, one Oregon resident reportedly lashed out at a FedEx driver, which has since led to his arrest. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office first became aware of the situation at about 1 P.M. on Sunday. A FedEx driver called their office and reported that a man was threatening him. When police arrived, they learned that the driver had been delivering packages when the suspect decided to run out of his house and stand in the middle of the street. He intentionally blocked the driver, and then the suspect began spewing racial slurs towards the African American FedEx driver. Thankfully, the driver avoided a confrontation by speeding away, but the suspect also hopped into his car and began following the postal delivery man. At one point, the suspect pulled up alongside the FedEx truck. The suspect then claimed he wasn’t afraid to use his gun and continued to berate the FedEx driver. Authorities rushed out and located the suspect. He was found with a pellet gun that looked indistinguishable from a real gun. As a result, the suspect has been arrested and charged with committing a hate crime.


Suspect Arrested After Woman Killed With Crossbow

SUSPECT: George Call Jr.

CHARGES: First-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: December 22

THE DETAILS: Late on Monday, officers were called out to Forrestal Avenue by witnesses who thought a victim had been stabbed. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers discovered the 36-year-old victim with a severe injury to her face. Rather than being stabbed, EMS personnel discovered she had been shot with a crossbow. Rescuers attempted to help the victim, but Andrea Springstead succumbed to her injuries. Investigators promptly questioned multiple witnesses and gathered as much evidence as possible. The following day, George Call Jr. was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder. It remains unclear why the man decided to use fatal force against the woman, but he’s now being charged with murder in the first-degree.


Suspect Arrested After Shooting FedEx Delivery Man in NY

SUSPECT: Jvon Johnson

CHARGES: attempted murder, criminal possession of a weapon

DATE OF ARREST: December 21

THE DETAILS: The nation continues to be shocked and dismayed at ongoing violence against postal delivery workers. The latest incident happened in New York, and the whole ordeal was captured on camera. According to authorities, the victim was working and delivering packages for FedEx. He was delivering packages at a Brownsville apartment building and leaving the area when the suspect attacked. While the delivery man’s back was turned, Jvon Johnson pulled out a gun and shot him in the back. Witnesses immediately called paramedics who rushed the 44-year-old driver to Brooksdale Hospital. When he arrived, his condition was listed as ‘serious but stable’. Thankfully, the driver is recovering now. Investigators quickly found a surveillance camera that captured the whole ordeal on camera. On Monday, Johnson was arrested and charged with attempted murder.


Mask Dispute Leads to Serious Assault: Patron Arrested

SUSPECT: Patrick Kelly

CHARGES: Assault with bodily injury

DATE OF ARREST: December 23

THE DETAILS: As we all know by now, bars have been targeted as one of the places where Covid-19 has been spreading. As a result, most bars are currently under tight restrictions, and most of them are requiring patrons to wear masks unless they’re eating or drinking. On Monday, a mask dispute between a bar employee and patron led to a terrifying assault. Authorities say the bar employee asked a patron to wear a mask, and the patron complied for a short time. Despite that, the patron kept taking the mask off his face, which led to repeated attempts by the employee to get the man to keep his mask on. By the third time the employee was asking the man to wear his mask, the patron decided to take a glass and smash it against the employee’s head. As a result, the employee suffered a serious injury that required multiple stitches to his head. The incident quickly went viral, and by Wednesday, the Mayor was calling for an arrest to be made. That same day, investigators tracked down the culprit responsible and put him behind bars.


Suspect Arrested After Stealing Snow Plow and Breaking Into Target

SUSPECT: Justin Shuffle

CHARGES: third-degree burglary, fourth-degree larceny

DATE OF ARREST: December 25

THE DETAILS: In the early hours of Christmas morning, one man decided he wasn’t quite finished with his holiday shopping yet. Suspect Justin Shuffle allegedly took off at about 2 A.M. and decided to steal a 2010 Bobcat skid loader, which is a type of miniature snow plow. At first, he used the plow to push away snow that had accumulated around a Bay Shore shopping center. At some point, though, he decided to smash the snow plow into a nearby Target store. From there, he decided to take the liberty of shopping in the store. The suspect reportedly started to pocket several gift cards and a coat. When police arrived at the store, they found him casually browsing through the electronics section. Shuffle was taken into custody and charged with burglary. Thankfully, no injuries were reported during the ordeal. Despite that, the store’s front door suffered extensive damage. It remains unclear why the suspect decided to try to steal from the store on Christmas morning.