75-Year-Old Arrested After Neighbor Found Brutally Murdered

SUSPECT: Unnamed 75-year-old Warren Resident


DATE OF ARREST: December 22

THE DETAILS: Early on Sunday morning, a quiet Warren apartment complex was startled by the sounds of several gunshots. Authorities were called out to investigate. When they arrived, they discovered a 53-year-old woman, whose name has not yet been released, deceased in the hallway. There were multiple gunshot wounds and the police described the area as an “execution-type scene.” Investigators learned the woman was in a long-standing feud with one of her neighbors, the 75-year-old suspect. A search warrant was executed and authorities recovered a weapon. The man was promptly arrested and taken into custody.


Houston Motorist Intentionally Strikes 7-Months Pregnant Woman With Vehicle

SUSPECT: Vianey Galvan-Valadez

CHARGES: Aggravated assault

DATE OF ARREST: December 22

THE DETAILS: Police in the Houston area were alarmed when they received a call for help from a very pregnant mother. The woman in distress told authorities that she’d been struck by a car that fled the scene. When paramedics arrived, they airlifted the mother to a nearby hospital. Thankfully, both the mom and unborn baby will fully recover from the incident. Authorities promptly tracked down the culprit responsible. She admitted to intentionally hitting the woman after the two got into a heated argument. She was immediately booked on aggravated assault charges.


Two Men Fatally Stabbed After Bar Fight

SUSPECT: Michael Mosley

CHARGES: Two counts of criminal homicide

DATE OF ARREST: December 25

THE DETAILS: On Saturday, patrons at a Nashville bar were enjoying the company of an NFL quarterback’s brother, C.J. Beathard. As the night went on, though, things took a turn for the worse. According to witnesses, Beathard and several other men noticed the suspect making several unwanted advancements on a woman at the bar. An argument ensued, and the men brought the fight outside. There, the suspect pulled out a sharp object and began stabbing Beathard and another victim. Both victims were rushed to the hospital, but neither survived. Police released video footage of the fight and eventually identified the culprit. On Christmas day, he was taken into police custody.


Video of Man Shooting AK-47 Out of Car Goes Viral, Leads to Arrest

SUSPECT: Jonathan Jay Oneal

CHARGES: Reckless discharge of a firearm

DATE OF ARREST: December 24

THE DETAILS: It’s always fun when you create a video that gets some laughs from friends, but one person took this idea way too far in the days leading up to Christmas. The suspect, now identified as Jonathan Oneal, was driving along a Texas highway when he came up with the reckless plan. One person shot a video while Jonathan grabbed an Ak-47. He then fired six or seven rounds out of the car window towards traffic. Luckily, no one was injured. A few days later, the video emerged on social media. When police officers saw the footage, they were alarmed. They immediately called on the suspect to turn himself in for his reckless actions. The day before Christmas, the suspect turned himself in and admitted his role in the video. Now, he’s facing serious criminal charges. The police want to remind the public that firearms are never a joke.


Daycare Owner Arrested After Multiple Kids Found Behind False Wall

SUSPECT: Carla Faith

CHARGES: Reckless child abuse without injury

DATE OF ARREST: December 23

THE DETAILS: On November 13, authorities in Colorado received reports that a daycare was accepting way more children than they could handle. Authorities began investigating right away. They soon learned that the daycare was authorized to have six children at a time, but they were caring for way more. Police conducted a search of the daycare and were shocked when they found a false wall in one of the rooms. Inside the hidden room, they found several kids under three years old. No one was injured, and it didn’t appear that they were being held against their will. Despite that, authorities concluded that the daycare owner put all the children in harm’s way by attempting to care for too many at one time. Now, she has been officially arrested and charged with child abuse. Three of her employees were also taken into police custody for knowingly violating the law.


Chinese National Arrested Taking Photos of FL Navy Base

SUSPECT: Lyuyou Liao

CHARGES: Criminal trespass, entering a military facility with the intent to take photographs

DATE OF ARREST: December 26

THE DETAILS: NCIS was forced to apprehend a Chinese national who was visiting a Naval Base in Key West, Florida. The suspect reportedly entered into a restricted area by going around a perimeter fence and through some rocky area on the shoreline. From there, he started taking photographs of Naval equipment. Witnesses stated that they attempted to warn the tourist not to enter the area, and NCIS confirmed that there are multiple warnings posted around the base. When questioned by authorities, Liao claimed he was trying to get a good photograph of the sunset.