Man in TN Arrested After Playing Audio Similar to Nashville Bombing

SUSPECT: James Turgeon

CHARGES: Tampering with evidence, filing a false report

DATE OF ARREST: December 27

THE DETAILS: On Christmas day, the nation was shocked when a massive explosion occurred in Nashville. Investigators quickly determined that the blast was intentional, but they also found that the primary suspect was killed in the explosion. A few days later, panic ensued when a white box truck was driving along a Tennessee Highway and blaring the same type of audio that was heard before the Nashville explosion. Detectives say that a recording was heard explaining, “this vehicle will explode in 15 minutes.” The vehicle also reportedly played the song “Downtown” before detonating. During this secondary event, it’s unclear what exact audio was playing, but it did cause the highway to be temporarily shut down. Investigators found that there were no explosives in the truck. Despite that, the driver of the truck, James Turgeon, was apprehended. Police say that the suspect intentionally damaged the wiring of his truck’s speaker system to produce the audio in question. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.


2 Suspects Arrested After Hosting Superspreader 200-Person Party in NJ

SUSPECTS: Denisse Tinizaray and Katherine Tinizaray

CHARGES: Illegal possession and sale of alcohol, maintaining an illegal alcohol establishment

DATE OF ARREST: December 27

THE DETAILS: Everyone can agree that lockdown measures and Covid-related restrictions are becoming tiresome. Despite that, it’s crucial that we don’t let our guard down until we conquer this pandemic. Two women from New Jersey were recently arrested for hosting a huge 200-person get together that could be considered a ‘superspreader’ event. Authorities say that they discovered the ongoing party over the weekend. Witnesses called the police at around midnight on Sunday. When police arrived at the scene, they found hundreds of people gathered into a warehouse. The party-goers were seen eating, drinking alcohol, and gambling. Investigators say the gambling itself was illegal. Upon approaching the hosts, authorities discovered that the duo was selling alcohol at the event. Despite that, neither one of the hosts had a valid liquor license. As a result, both hosts were arrested.


Four Juveniles Injure a Man After Throwing Bricks at Cars

SUSPECTS: Four unidentified minors aged 15 and 16

CHARGES: Aggravated assault and battery, mayhem, conspiracy, assault with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, malicious damage to a motor vehicle

DATE OF ARREST: December 27

THE DETAILS: We were all children once, so we’ve likely all experienced our fair share of bad decisions. Four juveniles in Worcester made a huge mistake over the weekend, though, and they’re all now facing serious charges. According to police, the whole ordeal started on Sunday afternoon. Authorities were called out to the area where they found a 37-year-old man with severe injuries to his face. Police say the victim’s injuries were substantial and very likely to cause permanent damage. The victim told police that someone had thrown a brick at his windshield while he was driving. Before long, the police learned that several other individuals in the area had bricks thrown at their cars, too. Soon, investigators discovered the vehicle responsible, a red SUV. They promptly learned that the vehicle was stolen, and they initiated a traffic stop. When the car stopped, two male juveniles fled on foot, while two female juveniles remained behind in the car. Due to the severity of the situation, all the teenagers were charged with significant crimes including resisting arrest and assault with a dangerous weapon. None of the suspect’s identities have been revealed due to them all being underage.


Suspect Apprehended After Numerous Human Remains Discovered in Forest

SUSPECT: Walter Mitchell

CHARGES: Improperly moving human remains

DATE OF ARREST: December 29

THE DETAILS: Police in Scottsdale, Arizona, were very disturbed when they began discovering several discarded human remains scattered throughout a forest in Prescott. The whole ordeal began the day after Christmas when someone stumbled upon human body parts in a remote area of the woods. Upon investigating, authorities discovered 19 human limbs in the area. The next day, authorities found five more body parts, too. As investigations were underway, authorities were called out to another area of the forest. A hunter reportedly found two human skulls. Detectives combed the area and found three more skulls. In total, five human skulls and 24 limbs were recovered. Authorities traced the remains back to a company called Future GenX, which used cadavers for research. Police say the suspect recently closed down their business before deciding to randomly dump the remains in the woods. It’s unclear why the man did what he did, but now Walter Mitchell is facing Class 5 felony charges for his actions.


Hospital Worker Arrested in Wisconsin for Deliberately Spoiling Covid-19 Vaccines

SUSPECT: Unidentified pharmacy worker

CHARGES: Reckless endangerment, adulterating a prescription drug, and criminal damage to property

DATE OF ARREST: December 31

THE DETAILS: Police in Wisconsin were both confused and dismayed at the actions of one hospital worker who intentionally destroyed several Covid-19 vaccine doses. According to police, the worker decided to remove about 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine from the refrigerator on December 24. He reportedly left them outside of the fridge all night long. He returned again the next day and pulled the vials out of the refrigerator again. At first, the hospital believed that the incident was due to human error, but on Wednesday the culprit admitted to police that he spoiled the vaccines on purpose. The pharmacy worker said that he knew the Moderna vaccine was only viable for 12 hours after being removed from the refrigerator. He also knew that the spoiled doses would be useless if they were used to vaccinate individuals. The culprit also confessed that he knew people who received the spoiled vaccines would mistakenly believe they had been vaccinated. Due to the confession, the suspect was arrested. The hospital confirmed that the spoiled doses were worth about $8,000 to $11,000, and the incident prevented more than 500 people from getting their proper vaccination. The individual was promptly fired and then apprehended by police.