Two Arrested After Deadly Denny’s Robbery

SUSPECTS: Jordan Anderson and Ryan Thomas Walker

CHARGES: Murder, using a firearm in the commission of a felony

DATE OF ARREST: December 29

THE DETAILS: On Thursday, patrons at a Denny’s restaurant in Virginia were forced to endure a terrifying robbery. Two men entered the restaurant and immediately ordered everyone to get on the ground. The customers complied. Once the suspects got what they were after, one of them decided to shoot an innocent man who was cooperating and lying on the ground as instructed. A Denny’s delivery driver returning to the store unknowingly held the door open as the two suspects were leaving. One of the men decided to shoot him as well. The victim died as a result of the gunshot wound. On Sunday, authorities successfully arrested and charged both men behind the attack.


Department of Education Official Arrested for Soliciting Sex from Minor

SUSPECT: David Hay

CHARGES: Using a computer to facilitate a sex crime

DATE OF ARREST: December 29

THE DETAILS: On Sunday, the Department of Education’s chief of staff was arrested promptly upon landing in an international airport in Milwaukee. The reason he was visiting the area, according to authorities, was to attempt to have sexual relations with a minor he met online. While the details behind Hay’s crime remain unclear, his charges indicate that he had reason to believe the individual he was meeting was under 16. Upon the allegations, the Department of Education immediately fired Hay. They released a statement and stressed that the suspect did not work directly with children during the four years he worked with the Department of Education.


Teenager Arrested for Fatal $1 Christmas Eve Robbery

SUSPECT: Abu Conteh

CHARGES: Murder, gang assault

DATE OF ARREST: December 31

THE DETAILS: On Christmas Eve, a 60-year-old New York couple was taking a midnight stroll together. Suddenly, six men approached the couple and began harassing them. They demanded the two victims hand over their cash, but both men refused. Then, the six others began hitting and kicking the victims. One man threw a metal garbage can at the victim as he laid on the ground. They searched their pockets and ultimately found $1. One of the victims called for help as the suspects fled. His husband was rushed to a hospital but passed away from the attack three days later. Police obtained surveillance video of the whole incident, and that’s how they’ve identified the first suspect –18-year-old Abu Conteh. Authorities are still searching for the other culprits involved.


Minor Captain America Actress Implicated in Mother’s Murder

SUSPECT: Mollie Fitzgerald


DATE OF ARREST: December 31

THE DETAILS: On December 20, Patricia Fitzgerald was found stabbed to death in her own home. Authorities rushed out to the resident when they received reports of an armed disturbance, but the victim was already deceased upon their arrival. Investigators spent days piecing together what happened. Mollie, Patricia’s daughter, was allegedly in the process of moving to the same state as her mother, according to the suspect’s brother. So far, authorities have not determined a motive in this violent outburst, but they have charged Mollie with second-degree murder. Mollie is known for her minor role in the Captain America movie. She’s also written, directed, and starred in several other Hollywood films.


Rapper DaBaby Arrested for Assault in Miami


CHARGES: Battery


THE DETAILS: Last week, DaBaby was attempting to perform in Charlotte, North Carolina, but he ultimately ended up behind bars for marijuana possession. After the ordeal, DaBaby was adamant that the cops who arrested him were specifically targeting him. He claimed that over 15 cops swarmed his car as he left his performance. Despite his accusations, DaBaby was arrested again this week. This time, his arrest occurred in Miami. DaBaby was set to meet up with a concert promoter and get paid for a previous gig. When the two met, DaBaby allegedly became irate because the promoter was shorting him some money. The situation “went out of control” as DaBaby proceeded to take $80, an iPhone, and a credit card from the victim. Then, he poured apple juice all over him. A second person at the scene was reportedly punched by DaBaby, who is now facing a serious battery charge.


Man Arrested After Real Estate Agent Fatally Shot

SUSPECT: Cedric Berry



THE DETAILS: On New Year’s Eve, 28-year-old real estate agent Monique Baugh was fatally shot in North Minneapolis. Authorities found her in an alley with multiple gunshot wounds and duct tape around one of her wrists. At the time, she was rushed to the hospital, but she passed away a short time later. Police later discovered a surveillance video of Baugh attempting to show a house. A U-Haul appeared on the video just moments before the victim disappeared. Authorities believe the culprit grabbed the victim and forced her into the truck. Police later learned Cedric Berry had been using the truck, and they connected him to the victim’s murder. Now, he’s been arrested and charged for his role in the shooting.