Man Rams Jeep into Deputy Attempting to Evade Covid-19 Restrictions

SUSPECT: Daniel Presti

CHARGES: Assault with the intent to injure an officer, fleeing arrest, reckless endangerment, resisting arrest, menacing, failure to obey a police officer

DATE OF ARREST: December 6

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Staten Island have had a troubled relationship with Daniel Presti since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Police say the suspect owns a popular pub, and he’s been very outspoken about refusing to comply with coronavirus-related restrictions. Last Monday, authorities were forced to revoke the suspect’s liquor license due to his refusal to adhere to indoor dining restrictions. Despite that, Presti still moved forward with his plans. He attempted to declare his pub an “autonomous zone” free of Covid-19 regulations. He released a video saying he would serve free alcohol and only take donations. Authorities say that a liquor license is still required for such an arrangement, so they kept a close eye on Presti. Late on Saturday night, police noticed the lights on at the pub. They also noticed a large number of patrons going through a side door. After midnight, Presti was spotted emerging from the side door. That’s when deputies attempted to make contact with the suspect. Presti reportedly hopped into his Jeep and smashed into one of the officers who was on-foot. The officer was forced to hold on tight to the hood of the vehicle for over three blocks. That’s when authorities in patrol cars eventually stopped and arrested Presti. He’s now facing multiple charges for his actions.


Homeless Man Caught Breaking into Tom Brady’s Mansion

SUSPECT: Zanini Cineus

CHARGES: Breaking and entering

DATE OF ARREST: December 7

THE DETAILS: Last year, Zanini Cineus was arrested after getting caught wearing a stolen $10,000 Brady Jersey. The shirt was stolen from the Patriots Hall of Fame. Now, nearly one year later, Cineus has been arrested again. This time, he was caught breaking into Tom Brady’s mansion. Authorities say the whole situation started at around 6 A.M. on Monday. Brady’s security system was triggered by indoor movement, so police were dispatched to investigate. When officers arrived, they were provided an access code and granted access to the property. Upon going through the mansion, they found Cineus lying down on a couch in the basement. It was later revealed that Cineus is homeless. According to police, it did not appear as if the suspect was intending to steal anything from the home. He was taken into police custody where he now faces breaking and entering charges. On top of those, he reportedly has a prior failure to appear in court charge, too.


Mall Santa Arrested After Sexually Assaulting Juvenile Coworker

SUSPECT: Prince Carter

CHARGES: Sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor

DATE OF ARREST: December 7

THE DETAILS: A 45-year-old man who was working as a mall Santa in Connecticut has been apprehended after reportedly sexually assaulting a juvenile co-worker. According to reports, the suspect was at work but in the break room when the situation unfolded. A female teenager coworker was in the breakroom with the suspect when he approached her. He allegedly grabbed up the female and began hugging her. A short time later, he exposed his private parts to the female. Later on, the victim reported the incident to police. Upon investigating, the former mall Santa was arrested. He’s also been banned from the property, so he won’t be returning to his former line of work anytime soon.


Former New Yorker Cartoonist Arrested on Child Porn Charges

SUSPECT: Danny Shanahan

CHARGES: Possession of child pornography

DATE OF ARREST: December 9

THE DETAILS: According to police, a former cartoonist who became famous for his work with The New Yorker was just arrested this week. The artist was reportedly under investigation, but police didn’t provide additional details as to why the investigation first started. They did confirm, however, that the child pornography was discovered on the suspect’s computer. The police had a valid warrant to search the computer, so Shanahan was immediately arrested. Shanahan is well-known for his cartoon work. His work was featured this year in February. Surprisingly, Shanahan wasn’t held in jail. Instead, he was issued a ticket to appear in court next month and released.


20-Year-Old Murder Case Finally Solved: Suspect in Custody

SUSPECT: Luis Rodriguez Mena


DATE OF ARREST: December 10

THE DETAILS: Back in 1999, flight attendant Young Kavila was returning home from a grocery shopping trip. When she entered her apartment, there was a strange man lurking in her home. According to police, there was a struggle between Kavila and her attacker. Upon investigating, they learned that the attacker had both sexually assaulted her and slashed her throat. Investigators did find forensic evidence after the suspect reportedly wiped his hands clean on the victim’s bed covers. At the time, police couldn’t connect the evidence to anyone. Now, more than 20 years later, authorities have finally apprehended a suspect. According to police, the suspect was living next door to the victim when the crime occurred. The day after her murder, he fled to Mexico. In 2007, the suspect’s family members came forward to police and told them that Mena had confessed to them. In 2008, an arrest warrant was filed. Police located the suspect’s former girlfriend who had a child with him. The mother agreed to allow police to use her son’s DNA in an attempt to determine Mena’s guilt. After confirming that the suspect’s DNA matched the profile of the forensic evidence, authorities and the Mexican government worked together to extradite him back to America. He’s now been arrested for murder.