Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Performing Unncecessary Strip Searches

SUSPECT: Floyd Berry

CHARGES: Official oppression

DATE OF ARREST: December 7

THE DETAILS: Incidents of official misconduct are taken very seriously by the police. That’s why authorities in Bexar County, Texas, became increasingly alarmed when they began receiving reports about one of their Deputies. The whole ordeal reportedly started a few weeks ago on November 24. An unnamed victim claims Deputy Berry requested an improper strip search, and she felt violated. She later made a report about it and the police started an internal investigation. Within days, they found evidence that at least six women had suffered similar situations with the same officer. Separate criminal and internal investigations are ongoing. Berry was arrested and placed on administrative leave for the time being.


Fatal Thanksgiving Night Robbery Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Terry Larue

CHARGES: Manslaughter

DATE OF ARREST: December 9

THE DETAILS: On Thanksgiving night, two men attempted to rob a convenience store in Oldham County. The men allegedly only wanted cigarettes, but their decisions were fatal to the store’s employee. One suspect reportedly committed the robbery while Terry Larue manned the getaway car. When the other suspect got into the car, a store employee, identified as Ralph Shain, ran out into the parking area and attempted to stop the vehicle. Larue’s car struck Shain and the two suspects fled. Shain was rushed to the hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. On Monday, the police apprehended Larue and charged him with manslaughter.


California Politician Arrested for Stalking Nancy Pelosi Challenger

SUSPECT: Omar Navarro

CHARGES: Extortion, criminal threats, stalking, violating a restraining order

DATE OF ARREST: December 8

THE DETAILS: A far-right GOP activist was arrested on Sunday for reportedly stalking and harassing another politician who is challenging Nancy Pelosi. Omar has already attempted to run for office twice, and he expects to again in 2020. Despite his political aspirations, he was caught committing several felony violations. He broke a restraining order in an attempt to contact an ex-girlfriend. His ex plans to run against Nancy Pelosi in 2020.


Multi-Million Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme Leads to Three Arrests

SUSPECTS: Matthew Goettsche, Joseph Abel and Jobadiah

CHARGES: Conspiracy to offer and sell unregistered securities, conspiracy to commit wire fraud

DATE OF ARREST: December 10

THE DETAILS: You’ve likely heard about cryptocurrency and mining for bitcoins, but police recently uncovered a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme that cost miners and other investors over $722 million. Three suspects have already been arrested, but two more are still on the run. The scam made money by convincing unsuspecting victims to invest in a bitcoin mining pool. Thee fraudsters promised to pay investors profits from bitcoin mining operations and future earnings, but they spent a lot of the money on themselves instead. Investigators revealed that messages between the suspects indicate they knew what they were doing was illegal. It was also clear that the suspects intended to take advantage of investors.


LAPD Police Officer Arrested and Accused of Fondling Corpse

SUSPECT: David Rojas

CHARGES: Felony violation of state safety codes

DATE OF ARREST: December 12

THE DETAILS: Officials and the public alike are both shocked at the egregious behavior of a Los Angeles Police Officer. The suspect was arrested on Thursday after a long investigation. According to officials, the suspect, Officer David Rojas, was on-duty and responding to a call about an overdose in October when the incident occurred. The officer had his body camera on, and the video that emerged revealed the officer fondling a deceased woman’s breasts. The LAPD has since released multiple statements regarding the incident. They’ve called the officer’s behavior “vile,” “extremely disturbing,” and explained that it “does not represent the values of the Los Angeles Police Department.” The footage was found when officials were conducting random inspections of body camera footage.


TV Reporter Gets Behind Slapped on Live TV, Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Thomas Callaway

CHARGES: Misdemeanor sexual battery

DATE OF ARREST: December 13

THE DETAILS: Viewers watching a news report about the Savannah Bridge Run 10K were disturbed when they witnessed the reporter on scene getting harassed. According to witnesses, a person in the background approached the reporter and then slapped her behind before running off. The news reporter, Alex Bozarjian, stood in shock for a moment before resuming her broadcast. After her report, she spoke out about the incident. She explained how the incident embarrassed her, so she decided to pursue charges on Wednesday. On Friday, police apprehended the person responsible. Thomas Callaway reportedly works as both a Boy Scout leader and a youth minister. Now, he’s facing serious sexual battery charges for his reckless behavior.