Homeless Man Arrested After NYC Subway Stabbings

SUSPECT: Rigoberto Lopez

CHARGES: Murder and attempted murder

DATE OF ARREST: February 14

THE DETAILS: Authorities are dismayed to announce the arrest of a homeless individual, who has a history of psychiatric issues, in the recent NYC subway stabbing string. Police say that the suspect, Rigoberto Lopez, reportedly snapped on Friday. He allegedly was armed with a knife and started to target other homeless people over a 14-hour period. He stabbed two victims, a 57-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman, to death. Two others, a 43-year-old and 67-year-old, were attacked but survived. Police say all of the attacks were unprovoked. Going off of surveillance footage, an officer spotted Mr. Lopez wearing the same clothing as the attacker. Upon investigating further, the officer realized Mr. Lopez was carrying a knife. He was promptly arrested and taken to a hospital for evaluation. Authorities say the suspect has a history of being hospitalized for mental illnesses. Despite making the arrest, the city has decided to increase the number of officers on patrol in the subway area. Many politicians and other high-profile individuals are urging the public to take this recent event as a symptom of the ongoing mental health crisis that’s been made worse by the pandemic.


Former NFL Star Arrested After Brutal Assault

SUSPECT: Adam Jones

CHARGES: Misdemeanor assault

DATE OF ARREST: February 15

THE DETAILS: Authorities arrested former NFL cornerback Adam Jones in Cincinnati on Monday. Jones, who was nicknamed “Pacman” by his fans, has always been known to be a little aggressive. In fact, it was his aggressiveness that helped him rise to fame in the NFL. Despite being a professional football player, Jones struggled even during his pro-career. He reportedly got into a fight in West Virginia that left him on probation back in 2005. Then, he was arrested again for vandalism and assault before ever playing for the NFL. Throughout his career, Pacman was arrested several times. In 2007, he was temporarily suspended from the league due to violating a personal conduct policy. Aside from this recent incident, Jones’ last arrest happened two years ago. Since then, he revealed to the public that he’s struggling with bipolar disorder. Now, he’s been accused of punching and kicking a victim in the head multiple times. As he continued kicking and punching, the victim slowly lost consciousness. Despite that, Pacman still continued assaulting the person until he was dragged off.


Alabama Mayor in Police Custody After Using His Office for Personal Gain

SUSPECT: Jonathan Kyle McCoy

CHARGES: Using a government office for personal gain

DATE OF ARREST: February 16

THE DETAILS: On Tuesday, the mayor of Lanett was forced to turn himself in at the Chambers County Jail after he was indicted last Thursday. According to authorities, the Alabama Ethics Commission started investigating McCoy in August of last year. The organization had reason to believe that the suspect was violating the state’s ethics laws by using his office for personal gain. The organization found that the mayor had allowed a family member to use a city-owned 2015 Chevrolet Tahoe without a lawful purpose. He also used his position to waive over $43,000 in utility bills. He also reportedly made personal purchases of up to $600 on a City of Lanett account. After investigating McCoy, the charges became public and he was formally indicted. On Tuesday, he turned himself into police custody. If he’s found guilty, he’ll be convicted of a felony. Not only would he serve time in jail, but he’d also immediately be removed from office, too.


Hit-And-Run Suspect Accused of Killing Nicki Minaj’s Father Turns Himself in to Police

SUSPECT: Charles Polevich

CHARGES: leaving the scene of a car crash, tampering with evidence

DATE OF ARREST: February 17

THE DETAILS: Robert Maraj, the 64-year-old father of rap star Nicki Minaj, was walking along the road in Long Island when he was suddenly struck by a vehicle. According to police, the vehicle that struck Maraj did stop at the scene. The driver reportedly exited his vehicle, checked on Maraj, then got back into his car and drove away. The driver never called 911. Instead, he immediately returned home and started to alter his car in an attempt to hide evidence of the accident. When another witness stumbled upon the injured victim, paramedics were called and Maraj was rushed to the hospital. He later passed away. Police confirmed that they believe the suspect was aware of what happened and what he did. Otherwise, he would not have attempted to hide evidence of the crash by altering his car. It remains unclear whether or not the suspect was intoxicated because he wasn’t apprehended right away. The suspect turned himself into police on Wednesday after the news of the fatal hit-and-run went viral.


Former City Council Member in Cincinnati Arrested for Obstructing Justice

SUSPECT: Laketa Cole

CHARGES: Obstruction of justice

DATE OF ARREST: February 17

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a former City Council Member who served in Cincinnati has been taken into police custody. The suspect, Laketa Cole, reportedly obstructed justice by hiding a suspect who reportedly caused the death of another person during a traffic accident. The police say Cole knew William Cromwell was wanted by Indiana police. Cromwell was allegedly drinking while driving when he was involved in a car accident. The person in the other vehicle reportedly passed away as a result of the crash. Despite that, Cole provided her Bond Hill home to allow Cromwell to escape justice. When authorities questioned Cole and then searched the residence, she told them that the suspect wasn’t there. Shortly after making that statement, the police discovered Cromwell hiding inside. Both individuals were taken into police custody on Wednesday.