Former Police Officer Implicated in Fatal West Palm Beach Shooting

SUSPECT: Jason Lamar Gilbert

CHARGES: Homicide

DATE OF ARREST: February 17

THE DETAILS: As Sunday night slowly turned into Monday morning, patrons at the Blue Boar Tavern near Okeechobee Boulevard got restless. According to patrons, two men started arguing. Eventually, the two men took their fight outside. At around 3:30 A.M., one of the men pulled out a weapon and shot the other. The victim was rushed to the hospital, but he passed away a short time later. Authorities investigating the ordeal soon learned that the suspect was one of their own – a former officer. Jason Gilbert formerly worked as a Riviera Beach police officer until 2007. According to his former employer, he voluntarily left the force and there were never any indications that he was capable of such violence. After his arrest, a Circuit Judge decided to hold him in jail without the possibility of posting a bond.


Massachusetts State Representative Arrested for Corruption

SUSPECT: David Nangle

CHARGES: Misuse of campaign funds

DATE OF ARREST: February 18

THE DETAILS: Both FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents stormed the home of a Massachusetts state representative on Tuesday. According to officials, the suspect is accused of misusing his campaign funds in a widespread corruption scheme. The suspect is a Democratic representative who has served on the House of Representatives since 1999. Ironically, he also serves on the House Committee of Ethics. Despite that, he’s now accused of spending his campaign funds on personal expenses. He was allegedly in severe debt and had a poor credit score after losing thousands of dollars to a gambling habit. He used the money to gamble, rent cars, eat at restaurants, stay in hotels and even cover dues for golf clubs. To hide his actions, he attempted to file false campaign finance reports.


Suspect Accused of Shooting a Police Officer at Walmart Arrested

SUSPECT: Unidentified

CHARGES: No charges yet

DATE OF ARREST: February 18

THE DETAILS: On Sunday, a police officer was in uniform and working as a security guard at Walmart in Ferguson. He was alerted about a potential shoplifter, so he approached the suspect. As the officer came near, the suspect pulled out a handgun and shot the officer three times. Thankfully, the officer was wearing a bullet-proof vest, which is credited with saving his life. He still suffered severe injuries, and he was rushed to the hospital. During the chaos, the suspect fled the scene. On Tuesday, an officer spotted the suspect driving around in his car. A helicopter was enlisted to help keep eyes on the suspect as officers initiated a chase. The suspect attempted to jump out of the car and flee on foot, but authorities took him down. The suspect’s name and charges have not yet been made public.


Political Outrage Turns into Threat Against Schiff and Schumer, Suspect Arrested

SUSPECT: Salvatore Lippa

CHARGES: Threatening to assault and murder a federal official

DATE OF ARREST: February 19

THE DETAILS: Donald Trump’s impeachment trial was anything but cordial. Individuals on both sides of the political spectrum displayed poor behavior. One man from New York took things way too far, though, when he reportedly contacted both Representative Adam Schiff and Senator Chuck Schumer. Schiff’s office reached out to the police after getting a death threat via voicemail. The suspect reportedly called the victim “Shifty Schiff,” like President Trump. A few weeks later, Schumer’s office received a similar threat. Police finally identified the culprit. When he was questioned, Lippa admitted to making the calls. He stated his disgust with the impeachment process as his reason for sending the threats. If convicted, then he could face up to ten years in prison.


Step-Mother with String of Deaths in her Past Apprehended in Hawaii

SUSPECT: Lori Vallow

CHARGES: Resisting arrest, obstructing officers, criminal solicitation to commit a crime, contempt of court

DATE OF ARREST: February 20

THE DETAILS: In October of last year, Tammy Daybell was found deceased. She and her husband of 30-years had five children together. At first, family and friends believed Tammy perished of natural causes in a horrible tragedy. Within weeks, they became very suspicious of her husband’s behavior, though. He moved on very quickly and married Lori Vallow, a widow who’s previous two husbands had passed away. Before long, family and friends stopped hearing from Tammy’s children. Desperate, the family reached out to police who performed a well-check on the children back in November. Authorities could not locate the boy, so they returned the next day with a warrant. That’s when they found that the couple had fled. Months later, authorities finally found the couple in Hawaii. They still did not have the children with them, so the police told them to bring the children to the authorities or face a contempt of court charge. The parents still failed to produce the children. Now, Lori has been apprehended by the police. The mystery deepens as authorities have now learned Lori is involved in a doomsday cult.