Connecticut Teen Arrested After Shooting Himself

SUSPECT: Kahlis Parker

CHARGES: Carrying a firearm without a permit, illegal discharge of a firearm, interfering with a police officer, risk of injury to a minor

DATE OF ARREST: February 21

THE DETAILS: On Sunday afternoon, authorities in Bridgeport, Connecticut, were called out to the scene of a shooting. When they arrived, they found 19-year-old Kahlis Parker suffering from a gunshot wound to his left arm. It’s unclear exactly what he told authorities, but they promptly searched the area and determined that no one else was injured. The victim was rushed off to the hospital while the police started investigating. It wasn’t long before the police found the weapon used in the crime. Not only was the firearm illegal and unregistered, but it appeared to belong to the victim himself. Authorities quickly realized that the victim had not only shot himself accidentally, but he had also lied to them about what happened. After receiving treatment for his wounds, detectives placed Parker under arrest. He’s now facing multiple charges including interfering with a police officer for lying about the ordeal.


Wife of Infamous El Chapo Arrested for Trafficking Drugs

SUSPECT: Emma Coronel Aispuro

CHARGES: conspiracy to distribute cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine in the US, conspiracy to import drugs

DATE OF ARREST: February 22

THE DETAILS: The notorious drug runner “El Chapo” was arrested a few years ago, but now his wife has been apprehended for continuing her husband’s illegal schemes. According to police, Emma Aispuro, El Chapo’s wife, was taken into custody in Virginia on Monday. The police say Aispuro was plotting to import and traffic a significant amount of illegal substances in the United States. Aispuro is a dual citizen of both the US and Mexico, and authorities have suspected that she played a major role in El Chapo’s drug running schemes for years. Now, they’ve finally produced evidence to prove their suspicions. While formal charges on this matter have not yet been issued, authorities also suspect that Aispuro helped El Chapo escape from jail through an underground tunnel in 2015. If they can find the evidence, it’s likely she’ll also face aiding and abetting charges on top of her current drug charges.


Suspect Arrested After Hawaiian Police Open Fire in Maui

SUSPECT: Kaipo Lapenia-Lau

CHARGES: First-degree assault of a police officer, resisting arrest, attempted murder

DATE OF ARREST: February 23

THE DETAILS: At around 12:30 A.M. on Tuesday, police officers in Hawaii were conducting a routine traffic stop in Wailuku. When they pulled over the vehicle, the driver was cooperative and provided his name to the authorities. The officer went back to his police car and quickly learned that the driver had provided him with a fake name. In response, he started investigating the situation further. Before long, he realized the driver had multiple warrants for his arrest. That’s when the officer decided to ask the driver to step out of his vehicle. Suddenly, Lapenia-Lau slammed his car door shut and slammed on his gas. One police officer was dragged along the roadway for a few feet before the suspect fled away. Authorities promptly began searching for the suspect, and they finally caught up with him hours later at around 9 A.M. While it remains unclear what happened next, at least two officers opened fire in the Mill Street area. The suspect was uninjured until he smashed open a window to a nearby residence and took shelter inside. Authorities caught up with him, and he was promptly taken into custody. Both officers who opened fire are currently being investigated. They’ve both been put on administrative leave with pay.


Suspect Apprehended After Abducting Baby from Triple Homicide Crime Scene

SUSPECT: Hunter Chenoweth

CHARGES: No formal charges yet

DATE OF ARREST: February 23

THE DETAILS: On Tuesday, authorities in Arkansas were called out to a residence. When they arrived, they were distributed to discover three deceased victims at the scene. The victims included 59-year-old James McGhee, 51-year-old Tami Chenoweth, and 26-year-old Cheyene Chenoweth. Investigations immediately began, and the police learned that at least two vehicles were seen leaving the residence earlier in the day. An alert was posted about the suspected vehicles, and one was spotted over 200 miles away from the homicide scene. Upon pulling the car over, police were shocked when Chenoweth hopped out of his van armed with a rifle. The suspect was allegedly aggressive and “verbally provoking” the officers. After a brief standoff, the suspect was apprehended. That’s when authorities realized that a 25-year-old woman and an infant were also in the vehicle. Both individuals were unharmed, but it’s clear that the baby was taken from the triple homicide scene. The baby has been placed in the care of the Department of Human Services, while the unidentified woman was released without charges.


Woman Attempts to Use Uber as Getaway Car After Smashing Into Store

SUSPECT: Sharon Martinez

CHARGES: Leaving the scene of an accident with property damage

DATE OF ARREST: February 24

THE DETAILS: Just after midnight on Tuesday, a woman was spotted smashing into a store in South Beach. According to one witness, the woman almost hit a pedestrian before slamming into the store. The victim, who was later identified as homeless, was unharmed. The woman driver emerged from her car unhurt and dressed in a very noticeable ball gown and heels. Rather than call the police, authorities say the woman casually left the scene of the accident and called an Uber for transportation. As the Uber made its way to the suspect, a crowd of angry individuals surrounded her and promptly called police. Unfortunately, the Uber driver showed up before the police. Sharon Martinez was seen hopping into the Uber car and casually getting away. Thankfully, authorities arrived shortly later and promptly found a witness with video footage of the incident. They tracked down the Uber car as it was transporting the woman, and both individuals in the car were arrested. Police say the driver knew about the accident and helped her leave, so he’s currently getting charged with accessory after the fact. Sharon Martinez, on the other hand, is getting charged with leaving the scene of an accident.