Seven Individuals Injured by One Bullet in Texas

SUSPECT: Jose Manuel Guerrero-Reyes

CHARGES: Aggravated Assault

DATE OF ARREST: February 23

THE DETAILS: Over the weekend, hundreds of individuals attended a family-friendly dance event inside a Texas flea market. Everything was going great until suddenly someone’s firearm went off. According to authorities, one man was struck by the bullet in his leg. The bullet traveled through his body and continued forward. The bullet then reportedly ricocheted across the room and ultimately made contact with at least six other individuals. All seven individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, none of their injuries were life-threatening. When the police apprehended the culprit responsible, Jose admitted to having a few drinks earlier in the night. He told the cops that the gun was in his pocket when it unexpectedly discharged, but the police think the evidence shows otherwise. The investigation is ongoing.


Former Bachelorette Contestant Arrested for Domestic Violence

SUSPECT: Chad Johnson

CHARGES: Domestic violence, robbery

DATE OF ARREST: February 24

THE DETAILS: Fans of the reality TV show The Bachelorette are shocked after a former contestant was arrested for domestic violence. According to authorities, Annalise Mishler called 911 on Sunday night and alerted them about a domestic violence incident. When the police arrived at her house, they found she had visible red marks on her face. She told them that the suspect, Chad Johnson, showed up at her residence very intoxicated. He reportedly got physical with her before punching a hole in her wall. When she attempted to call 911 the first time, he allegedly stole her phone from her. Police arrested the suspect later on Monday. After getting released from jail, he spoke about the incident in an interview. He claims that he has no memory of the incident.


19-Year-Old Attempts to Blow up Vehicle Outside of Pentagon

SUSPECT: Matthew Dmitri Richardson

CHARGES: Attempting to damage by means of fire

DATE OF ARREST: February 24

THE DETAILS: On Monday, police officers tasked with monitoring the premises around the Pentagon noticed the suspect acting strangely. According to their reports, the 19-year-old was spotted standing beside his vehicle. He had a cigarette lighter in one hand and a piece of fabric shoved into the car’s gas tank. When the officer approached, Richardson told him that he was ready to blow his car up. The officer immediately attempted to detain the suspect who fled on foot. He was later found hiding in the Arlington National Cemetery. It was later revealed that the car was owned by an active duty service member, but he has no idea who Richardson is.


15-Month-Old TN Baby Still Missing, Mother Taken into Custody

SUSPECT: Megan Boswell

CHARGES: Making false reports to authorities

DATE OF ARREST: February 25

THE DETAILS: Last week, 15-month-old Evelyn Mae Boswell was reported missing. When investigators started looking into the situation, they realized that family members haven’t seen the youngster since last December. At first, it seemed like Megan Boswell, the baby’s mother, was cooperating with authorities. It didn’t take long for police to figure out that she was feeding them false information, though. According to one Sullivan County Sheriff, the mom’s story changed every time she was questioned about it. The false information and misleading statements have impeded the investigation, and authorities are still concerned about why it took Evelyn months to report her daughter missing.


Elderly Asian Man Attacked in San Francisco, Police Arrest Man Who Recorded the Incident

SUSPECT: Dwayne Grayson

CHARGES: Robbery, Elder abuse, committing a hate crime

DATE OF ARREST: February 27

THE DETAILS: Last week, an elderly Asian man was attacked while he was collecting recyclables. The incident was horrifying, and it might have gone unnoticed if one of the culprits had not decided to upload footage of the entire attack onto social media. That’s when police became aware of the situation, and they immediately took action. According to the police, a video emerged that showed a man in all black clothing threatening the elderly San Francisco resident. The attacker picked up an object and began stating his hate for Asians. The elderly man broke down in tears as various bystanders began to laugh, imitate him, and record the ordeal on their phones. The culprit then struck the victim on the head. Police identified one of the bystanders, and he’s currently under arrest. They’re still looking for at least one other suspect they believed was involved in the attack. If you have any information about the ordeal, then please reach out to the authorities.