Suspect Apprehended After Double Shooting at Walmart

SUSPECT: Edward Joel Rosario-Jimenez

CHARGES: Attempted criminal homicide, criminal homicide, carrying a firearm without a license, and aggravated assault

DATE OF ARREST: February 28

THE DETAILS: At around 7 P.M. on Friday, authorities in Whitehall Township were called out to a local Walmart after witnesses reported hearing multiple gunshots. When the police arrived at the MacArthur Road Walmart, they found two individuals suffering from gunshot wounds in a running vehicle in the parking lot. Both individuals were rushed to the hospital, but Nicollete Law was declared deceased within an hour. The second victim, who hasn’t been identified yet, was reportedly receiving treatment for their wounds, but authorities have not yet informed the public about the second person’s condition. Law’s family members quickly went public about the incident and declared that Law was an innocent bystander, and it’s unclear what motivated the shooter. While no suspect was immediately located, authorities reviewed surveillance footage from the Walmart. That’s when they saw the victim’s car park in the merchandise pickup lot and the suspect’s vehicle park directly in front of them. Gunshots were fired, and the suspect was identified as Edward Joel Rosario-Jimenez. The police also found the murder weapon hidden in a nearby snowbank. By Monday, authorities caught up with and arrested the culprit responsible.


Hit-And-Run Suspect Arrested After Fracturing 8-Year-Old’s Skull

SUSPECT: Juan Orellanda

CHARGES: Leaving the scene of an accident with physical injuries


THE DETAILS: On Sunday, an 8-year-old child was riding along in Kenner City Park on his battery-powered bicycle. A family member was with the youngster when the two attempted to go across the street and through traffic. Suddenly at around 6:30 P.M., a speeding Jeep smashed into the child. The Jeep came to a stop, and the driver got out. Witnesses saw the driver head to the back of his vehicle, check for damages, and then peer at the helpless 8-year-old who was on the ground. Then, he simply got back into his Jeep and drove away. Witnesses immediately called 911, and it only took police officers a few minutes to arrive at the scene. The Kenner Police Department gathered several tips from the public, which helped them find the culprit. One witness who saw the accident followed the suspect’s Jeep back home. The suspect watched as the Jeep pulled into a residence, and the witness snapped a quick photo for the officers. Thanks to the bravery of this citizen, authorities were able to track down the exact location of the suspect. Unfortunately, the child was rushed to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with a fractured skull. He’s still receiving treatment at the hospital, while the suspect has been taken into police custody.


Mom Admits to Abandoning Six-Year-Old, Running Him Over, and Throwing Body into River

SUSPECT: Brittany Gosney

CHARGES: Murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence

DATE OF ARREST: February 28

THE DETAILS: Authorities and the public are shocked at the behavior of one Ohio mother who reportedly attempted to abandon her son before running him over and then throwing his body into a nearby river. According to police, Brittany Gosney brought her six-year-old son to a wildlife area. She reportedly told her son that she was going to abandon him there. As she got back into her vehicle and started it up, the desperate child grabbed a hold of the car. Gosney allegedly continued to drive off, dragging the boy as he clung to the car. Within minutes, the boy couldn’t hold on any longer and fell off the car. Gosney simply continued to drive off, and she ran over her youngster. She drove off before returning to the wildlife area later on in the day. That’s when she realized her son had suffered a severe head injury and he appeared to be deceased. Rather than call the cops, she put her son’s body into her car and drove home. The following day, she reportedly drove to the Ohio River where she discarded her son’s body. She returned home before calling police to tell them her son was missing. After a brief investigation, it became clear what really happened. Gosney has reportedly confessed to the police. Her 42-year-old boyfriend was also arrested for his involvement. Two other young children in the home were removed and place in state care. Cops are still working to locate the child’s remains.


Police Capture Suspect Accused of Stealing Over $40,000 in Lottery Tickets

SUSPECT: Dylan Barrett

CHARGES: resisting arrest, theft


THE DETAILS: Since January, the Oklahoma City Police Department has been attempting to locate a suspect accused of stealing several lottery tickets. In mid-January, the suspect reportedly started stealing rows of lottery tickets from gas stations. The police department posted pictures of the man online with the help of Crime Stoppers. Authorities asked for the public’s help in identifying and tracking down the man. As investigators attempted to locate the suspect, he kept stealing more and more lottery tickets from different locations. By March, the man had allegedly taken over $40,000 in lottery tickets. The police were able to post better photos of the suspect online, which ultimately led to his capture. When the police located the man, he attempted to flee initially by car and then by foot. Eventually, the Violent Crimes Apprehension Team found Dylan Barrett hiding in the back of a pickup truck. Now, he’s facing several charges.


NYC Police Find 4-Year-Old Wandering the Streets Alone

SUSPECT: Sadeekah Abdul Salaam

CHARGES: Child abandonment, reckless endangerment, acting in a manner injurious to a child


THE DETAILS: On Saturday at around midnight, police in New York City discovered something unusual. Officers noticed a young 4-year-old child wandering around in the Bronx all alone. When officers approached the youngster, she confirmed that she’d been alone for several minutes. Despite the cold weather, the child was only wearing a sweater, rain boots, and sweatpants. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for an evaluation, and doctors confirmed that she was in good health. The following day, authorities posted video footage of the child on social media in an attempt to locate her parents and identify her. By Monday, no parents or guardians had come forward. Authorities were able to identify the child’s mother as Sadeekah Abdul Salaam, and she was arrested on Monday.