Texas Teen Arrested After Stealing Ambulance

SUSPECT: Kendall Tyson

CHARGES: Possession of a stolen vehicle, driving while intoxicated, driving without a license and resisting arrest

DATE OF ARREST: February 2

THE DETAILS: Louisiana Police were on alert after they received a call about a stolen ambulance. The suspect reportedly took the emergency vehicle in Dallas, but she was headed to Louisiana with it. Troopers watching the traffic on Interstate 20 saw the ambulance at around 5:45 P.M. and attempted to pull the driver over. That’s when a high-speed pursuit began. It didn’t take long for authorities to catch the suspect, though, when she ran into significant traffic. Upon arresting the driver, authorities noticed the suspect appeared impaired. A sobriety test was issued, and the suspect failed. It was later revealed that the intoxicated car thief was a 19-year-old Texan. It remains unclear what motivated her to steal the ambulance.


Viral Video Leads to Boxer’s Arrest

SUSPECT: Gervonta Davis

CHARGES: Domestic violence

DATE OF ARREST: February 4

THE DETAILS: On February 1st, boxing superstar Gervonta Davis was watching a celebrity basketball game in Florida. His ex-girlfriend was also in attendance. Several witnesses were recording the game when they captured video of Davis charging up to his ex and ripping her out of her seat. The two got into a heated argument, but they took their business backstage when they noticed onlookers were watching them. It didn’t take long for the footage of the altercation to hit the web. When police officers were alerted, they determined Davis had battered his ex. The victim and suspect have a child together. An arrest warrant was issued, and Davis turned himself over to police on Tuesday.


Deputies Under Arrest After Providing Contraband to Inmates

SUSPECTS: Laura Sheriff and Michael Harris

CHARGES: Bringing contraband into a detention facility, violation of oath

DATE OF ARREST: February 5

THE DETAILS: It’s always suspicious when drugs or other contraband gets discovered behind bars. One inmate in Houston was allegedly receiving marijuana from the outside, and his cellmates weren’t afraid to tell officials how he got it. Someone on the inside drafted a letter and forwarded it to officials. When an anonymous letter was sent directly to the Attorney General’s Office in Houston, an investigation was immediately launched. It didn’t take long for officials to learn that two detectives were bringing the contraband to the inmate. Both deputies have been arrested and charged for smuggling the off-limits items into the detention center, but the investigation is still ongoing.


Huge Embezzlement Scheme Discovered: Several Arrested

SUSPECTS: John Davis, Nancy New, Zach New, Brett DiBiase, Latimer Smith, Anne McGrew

CHARGES: Fraud, embezzlement, falsifying records

DATE OF ARREST: February 5

THE DETAILS: The former welfare director of Mississippi has been apprehended, along with several others, after authorities uncovered a multi-million dollar embezzlement scheme. According to police, Davis and others intentionally siphoned off public money that was supposed to go to needy families in the state. The funds were specifically intended to help feed and house the neediest Mississippi residents, especially those under 18-years-old. Davis and others used this money for personal gain. Police believe that Brett DiBiase was given money to teach courses when in reality he was enjoying a luxurious rehabilitation stay. Records were intentionally falsified to make money transfers appear legitimate.


TSA Agent Arrested After Inappropriate Search

SUSPECT: Johnathon Lomeli

CHARGES: False imprisonment

DATE OF ARREST: February 6

THE DETAILS: Post 9-11, TSA agents have played a major role in attempting to ensure airports and flights are safe for everyone. That means that they’ve increased searches and random security checks. Most Americans realize that, so one passenger wasn’t too alarmed when TSA agent Johnathon Lomeli asked her to step to the side for a check. She did start to feel suspicious, though, when the male agent said he needed to check her bra straps and wires to ensure she wasn’t hiding anything. Then, he asked her to open her pants at the waist-line so he could look down them. As if that wasn’t egregious enough, he then escorted her to a more private area for a more intense search. The agent reportedly told the woman she’d have to show him her breasts. When she complied, he complimented her appearance. He asked to look down her pants again before allowing her to leave. The passenger, who was flying out of LAX, was disturbed by the incident. She later reached out to the police. The TSA confirmed that Lomeli resigned shortly after the incident to avoid termination. He was arrested on Thursday and charged with false imprisonment.


Teen Arrested Over Walmart Coronavirus Prank

SUSPECT: Tyler Wallace

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, theft

DATE OF ARREST: February 2

THE DETAILS: Tyler Wallace and a 17-year-old minor were both charged over the past weekend over a prank involving the super-viral coronavirus. According to authorities, witnesses in a Chicago Walmart were frightened when the pranksters arrived wearing a sign that said: “I have the coronavirus.” They caused even more alarm when they started spraying Lysol on various items in the store. This whole ordeal happened just days after it was revealed that two residents in Chicago do in fact have the infection. The panicked customers reached out to authorities who later determined that neither suspect was actually infected with the virus.