Baltimore Police Officer In Training Arrested for Harassment

SUSPECT: Jordan Ali

CHARGES: Second-degree assault, harassment, reckless endangerment

DATE OF ARREST: February 7

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Baltimore are disturbed to announce the arrest of one of their own -- a Baltimore police officer who was currently undergoing training. According to the police, the suspect, Jordan Ali, was driving in his own vehicle while off-duty. He pulled up to another vehicle at a red light and started up a conversation. Three women were in the vehicle, and they told the officer-in-training that they were headed to a party. At that point, Ali started asking the women to invite him along on their adventures. The women declined to invite him and made it clear that they didn’t want to talk with him any longer. Despite that, Ali continued to follow the vehicle. They increased their speed, and he did the same. Eventually, he ended up striking the other vehicle from behind. Afraid, the women didn’t stop but drove about four miles away. Ali followed them and attempted to approach them again. That’s when the women decided to flee entirely and went straight to an emergency room area, where they hid in a nearby ambulance. They dialed 911. At first, Ali attempted to tell other officers that he believed the car was stolen. He claimed that he also observed them smoking something “that could have been illegal.” Despite his claims, Ali was taken into custody. Now, he’s facing harassment, reckless endangerment, and second-degree assault charges.


Notorious NYC Cat Killer Identified and Arrested

SUSPECT: Fulton Gordon

CHARGES: Torturing and injuring an animal

DATE OF ARREST: February 8

THE DETAILS: On January 13th, a NYC resident was disturbed when she saw a man using a stick to hit a cat in a nearby tree. The black and white cat, lovingly nicknamed Tuxedo, was a huge part of the community. According to locals, Tuxedo was a part of a feral colony, but most of the area’s residents knew him very well. He would often get meals from the community, and he was even known to have a female feline companion. The witness reached out to police when she saw the man coax the cat out of the tree and then allowed his two pit bulls to attack the cat. Tuxedo was mauled to death during the incident. After weeks of investigating, authorities are convinced that the man who killed Tuxedo was 28-year-old Fulton Gordon. It remains unclear why the suspect decided to act out, but he’s now being charged with torturing and injuring an animal.


Former Patient Commits Fatal Shooting at Minnesota Health Clinic

SUSPECT: Gregory Paul Ulrich

CHARGES: Murder, assault with a deadly weapon

DATE OF ARREST: February 9

THE DETAILS: On Tuesday, gunfire broke out at a Minnesota Health Clinic. The authorities rushed out to the scene as fast as possible, but five victims were already shot by the time they arrived. Initial reports state that one victim was declared deceased, while four others were rushed to the hospital. Three of those victims remained in critical condition and the fourth individual was discharged shortly later. Investigators quickly learned that a suspicious device was left at the clinic, so an evacuation occurred immediately. It’s still not clear whether or not the device exploded, but news reports did show shattered windows in the front area of the clinic later that day. Authorities identified the suspect, Gregory Ulrich, and they also discovered more “suspicious devices” at the motel where he was staying. The suspect was allegedly a former patient at the clinic, but police are still trying to piece together whether or not this act of violence was targeting a specific person or not. Ulrich reportedly has a long criminal history that includes former charges of drug possession, DUI, and violating a harassment restraining order. Interestingly enough, the person listed in the harassment case was also working at the clinic at the time of the shooting.


Police Arrest Last Woman to See Quawan Charles Before He Was Found Deceased

SUSPECT: Janet Irvin

CHARGES: Failing to report a missing child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor

DATE OF ARREST: February 9

THE DETAILS: 15-year-old Quawan Charles was reported missing by his mother more than 100 days ago. Initially, her pleas to authorities were not taken seriously. The Baldwin Police Department failed to issue an Amber Alert for the missing teen, and they didn’t even report the situation to the local media. Rather than considering the situation a case of kidnapping or abduction, the authorities placed him on a database reserved for runaways and missing individuals. Days later, the teenager’s disfigured and nude body was discovered in a drainage ditch within a sugarcane field. Initial reports suggest that the cause of death was drowning, but the youngster was found in a ditch that only had about two feet of water. The autopsy report confirmed low levels of THC and alcohol in the boy’s system, but no other drugs were discovered. It remains unclear how Charles drowned in two feet of water, so investigations are ongoing. On Tuesday, police arrested the last woman to see the boy before he went missing. The suspect, Janet Irvin, denies any involvement, but security footage shows Charles getting into a car with Irvin on the day he disappeared. Right now, Irvin is facing minor charges and isn’t being investigated for murder, but things may change as the investigation goes on.


FBI Apprehends Two Boogaloo Bois

SUSPECTS: John Subleski and Adam Turner

CHARGES: Using a facility of interstate commerce to incite a riot, committing an act of violence to further a riot

DATE OF ARREST: February 11

THE DETAILS: Due to recent events at the Capitol building, authorities around the nation are taking far-right extremist narratives even more seriously than ever before. According to the FBI, two individuals, who are both a part of the online movement dubbed the ‘Boogaloo Bois’, were both arrested on Thursday. Both suspects live in Kentucky, and they’ve both been accused of stirring up violence and chaos over the past few months. The Department of Justice suspects that Subleski helped incite the riot that occurred in Louisville on January 6th. The suspect reportedly posted to social media that it was “Time to storm LMPD.” The group of followers he was directing allegedly pointed firearms at drivers, blocked specific intersections, and intentionally barricaded several roadways. Turner, on the other hand, was arrested during a separate event on December 25th. He was carrying an AR and handgun. After his arrest, he continued posting threats to various police officers on social media.