Gunman Attacks NYC Police Twice Within 12 Hours, Police Blame Mayor

SUSPECT: Robert Williams

CHARGES: Attempted murder, resisting arrest and criminal possession of a weapon

DATE OF ARREST: February 9th

THE DETAILS: Chaos has broken out in New York as the police department officially declared war against the city’s Mayor, Bill de Blasio. According to the department, the mayor has single-handedly implemented measures that are “hostile” to the officers in blue. These measures, argue police, are encouraging New Yorkers to act out against the police. These latest statements come right at the heels of the arrest of a suspect who attempted to assassinate several police officers in the state. Robert Williams, the suspect, reportedly ambushed several officers on Saturday night. At least one officer was rushed to the hospital after getting grazed by a bullet. The next morning, he attacked officers again at their own station. The suspect finally surrendered when he ran out of bullets. Two more officers were injured in the attack.


Youngstown Shooting Leads to Arrest

SUSPECT: Robert Shelton


DATE OF ARREST: February 11

THE DETAILS: A horrific shooting in Youngstown over the weekend led to the deaths of three individuals. Among the victims are 34-year-old Dymond Ortello, 37-year-old Charles Pullen and 31-year-old Daniel Ortello. According to authorities, the shooting began at around 3:45 in the morning right outside of the Brothers of Power Classic Cars Club. It’s unclear exactly what occurred prior to the initial shot, but authorities believe that Pullen and Daniel Oretllo both took shots at each other. Both were fatally wounded. When the gunshots were heard by other club-goers, they immediately began running in fear. Police arrived to deal with the situation, and that’s when an officer witnessed Shelton fire off a shot at Dymond Ortello in the parking lot. Due to the confusion, Shelton escaped by fleeing the scene. On Tuesday, the U.S. Marshals received a tip about Shelton’s whereabouts. They proceded to take the suspect into custody without further incident.


Mother and Children From Virginia Finally Found

SUSPECT: Melody Bannister

CHARGES: Four counts of abduction, filing a false police report, violating a court order

DATE OF ARREST: February 12

THE DETAILS: For months, the entire nation has been searching for Melody Bannister and her four children. The family all disappeared together during an intense child custody battle, which started when Bannister reached out to authorities. Initially, the mother of four pleaded with police to keep her and her kids safe. She alleged that her babies were being abused. An investigation was immediately launched, but child protective services couldn’t find any evidence of the alleged abuse. When Bannister was informed about the results of the investigation, her and her four children went on a vacation that had been planned months in advance. Police became very suspicious when she never returned. During their period of absence, a judge decided to turn over custody of the children to their father. Since that time, authorities have been working overtime to find the mom. She’d been spotted in Texas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Alabama. In the end, she was finally found in Indiana. Her four children were with her in the vehicle. She was immediately arrested and her four children went into state custody.


From 2018 Trooper of the Year to Behind Bars

SUSPECT: Jason Boyet

CHARGES: Production and distribution of child pornography

DATE OF ARREST: February 12

THE DETAILS: In 2018, former Louisiana police officer Jason Boyet was highly regarded in his community. He was so respected that he was given the honor of being the Trooper of the Year. Despite his past, he’s now been implicated as a result of an ongoing child pornography investigation. According to police, Boyet caught the FBI’s attention when they were tipped off about his activities. They later found evidence that he was distributing illegal material through a smartphone app. After a brief investigation, the suspect was taken into custody and charged. He’s also been placed on administrative leave until further notice.


Grown Man Attacks 15-Year-Old Trump Supporter in NH

SUSPECT: Patrick Bradley

CHARGES: Simple assault, disorderly conduct

DATE OF ARREST: February 11

THE DETAILS: We all know that politics can be divisive, but too many political advocates are taking things too far. Early this week, a 34-year-old man was accused of physically attacking a 15-year-old boy who was volunteering at a polling site in New Hampshire. According to authorities, the teenager was earing a “Make America Great Again” hat and volunteering at a Trump tent at Windham High School. The school was the area’s polling location, too, which is what brought the suspect to the scene. When the suspect saw the youngster, he became enraged. He slapped the boy, and that’s when two other adults tried to intervene. The suspect then assaulted the two adults as well. On his way out, he threw several Trump signs and tried to knock over the entire tent.