Man Who Stormed Capitol With Zip Ties Arrested in Nashville

SUSPECT: Eric Munchel

CHARGES: Unlawful entry into a federal building, disorderly conduct

DATE OF ARREST: January 10

THE DETAILS: In the days following the siege of our nation’s capitol building, disturbing details are emerging. According to investigators, some ‘Patriots’ descended on the capitol with a terrifying plot in mind. Some came in the hopes of dragging Congressional representatives and potentially the Vice President out onto the streets. At least two men, including Eric Munchel, were photographed carrying numerous zip ties, while others erected a noose outside of the building. Both men who were photographed with zip ties have been arrested by FBI agents. Eric Munchel was identified and arrested in Nashville, his home town. The iconic photograph of Munchel shows him jumping over the seats of Congress in full tactical gear with zip ties in his hands. While Munchel and others are already facing federal charges, the FBI counterterroism unit is debating on whether domestic terrorism charges should be issued as well.


One Law Enforcement Official Arrested, Dozens Under Investigation After Capitol Insurrection

SUSPECT: Unidentified law enforcement agent

CHARGES: Not released at this time

DATE OF ARREST: January 11

THE DETAILS: According to Tim Ryan, a Democratic representative, at least one law enforcement agent has been arrested for his actions during the Capitol insurrection last week. Dozens of others are currently being investigated for their actions, too. Tim Ryan is leading a Congressional investigation into why security failed during the insurrection. So far, the investigation has led to the resignation of the Capitol Police Chief. Security officers who work for the Senate and House have also resigned. Ryan told news reporters that one Capitol Police officer was identified in viral footage as taking selfies with protestors while they stormed the building. Another officer was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. Yet another was seen on film encouraging protestors to breach the police barricade by waving them into the secure Capitol premises. These revelations depict a disturbing picture that highlights why security failed. It appears that several law enforcement officials failed to uphold their duty. Among those who are being implicated include Capitol police officers, D.C. police officers, and National Guard members.


State Senator Arrested for Domestic Violence Incident

SUSPECT: Luis R. Sepulveda

CHARGES: Criminal obstruction of breathing

DATE OF ARREST: January 12

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, a state senator from New York, Luis R. Sepulveda, was arrested on Tuesday after a domestic violence incident involving his wife. Police say the suspect’s wife called 911 on Saturday at around 6 A.M. During the call, she explained that her and her husband had gotten into an altercation at their shared apartment. When police arrived to investigate, both the husband and the wife said the other had assaulted them. Statements were taken, but neither person was arrested at the time. After further investigation, authorities issued a warrant for the arrest of Luis R. Sepulveda who is accused of strangling his wife. He’s being charged with a minor crime, criminal obstruction of breathing. It remains unclear if the wife will also face charges in the situation. Soon, it was discovered that Sepulveda is the Democratic majority leader in the Senate, and he also served as the chairman of the Crime Victims, Crime, and Correction Committee. For the time being, all of his assignments have been suspended. There are currently calls for him to resign.


Remember the Flint Water Crisis? Former Governor Arrested for Willful Neglect

SUSPECT: Rick Snyder

CHARGES: Willful neglect of duty

DATE OF ARREST: January 13

THE DETAILS: The Flint Water Crisis was a disturbing failure that left at least 12 people dead and more than 80 very ill. The whole situation stemmed from a failure to adhere to the 1978 Clean Water Act. Officials failed to use anti-corrosive material in the water back in 2014, which ultimately led to an outbreak of Legionnaires; disease in Michigan. On top of that, officials intentionally decided to switch the city’s public water from the Detroit Water System to the Flint River. They made this decision in an effort to cut costs. This decision also caused community members to get exposed to very dangerous levels of lead. Despite knowing about the problem and its impacts on the community, legislators still failed to act. Now, years later, investigators have decided to officially charge former Governor Rick Snyder for his incompetence and failure to act. He was charged with willful neglect of duty on Wednesday.


Suspect Accused of Throwing Fire Extinguisher at Capitol Police Identified and Arrested

SUSPECT: Robert Sanford

CHARGES: Four federal counts

DATE OF ARREST: January 14

THE DETAILS: Last week, protestors stormed the Capitol building, which ultimately led to the death of one Capitol police officer. Early reports indicated that the victim had been hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. Now, one week later, investigators have uncovered video footage that shows the fatal incident. The video shows the suspect, 55-year-old Robert Sandford, among the crowd of protestors. Then, the retired firefighter appears to throw the fire extinguisher into a crowd of officers. The half-empty extinguisher hit one officer in the back of his helmet. Then, the extinguisher ricocheted and collided with two other officers. One of those officers wasn’t wearing a helmet. Police have identified and arrested the culprit responsible, and charges are pending. Officials say none of his charges are directly connected to the death of the Capitol Police officer. The suspect’s attorney claimed that there was a clear “mob mentality” occurring at the scene and his client simply “got caught up in the moment.”