Uber Driver Accused of Raping Passenger

SUSPECT: Alonso Calle


DATE OF ARREST: January 12

THE DETAILS: When you’ve been drinking, it’s often seen as a wise choice to reach out to an Uber or Taxi service to get you home safely. The victim in the case had the same mindset when she reached out for an Uber car after drinking on Sunday. According to reports, the victim got into her Uber car but passed out a short time later. When she awoke, she was being assaulted. She reportedly stormed out of the vehicle. That’s when Calle himself reached out to the police and explained the situation. According to him, sex was offered, so he was confused by her accusations. Despite that, he was placed under arrest. It is a crime to have sex with someone who is too intoxicated to give consent.


86-Year-Old Attempts to Rob Bank

SUSPECT: Gilbert Ware

CHARGES: Robbery

DATE OF ARREST: January 13

THE DETAILS: Employees in a Greenville, South Carolina bank were terrified on Monday morning when a masked robber entered their building. The man held up a firearm and demanded that the employees hand over all their cash. Employees complied with the armed robber, who then took off in a getaway car. It didn’t take long for authorities to locate the vehicle and initiate a traffic stop. Police found the weapon and stolen money, and they also identified the culprit responsible – an 86-year-old man. He was arrested, but it remains unclear why the grandparent decided to hold up the bank.


Parents Leave Baby in Car While Gambling, Car Stolen, 4 Arrested

SUSPECTS: Kimberly Cook, Anthony Blue, Jabari Davis, Vincent Cannady

CHARGES: Auto theft, kidnapping, child abandonment

DATE OF ARREST: January 12

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Texas were immediately alarmed when a couple frantically called them for help. According to the couple, they had left their 16-month-old child in a running vehicle while they went into a convenience store. When they came back outside, their child and vehicle were gone. After investigating further, authorities learned the couple had actually been gambling at the gas station for about 30 minutes. Thankfully, police found the child unharmed and abandoned in a park about 20 miles from the gas station. They also tracked down the stolen vehicle and arrested both suspects inside. The youngster was taken to the hospital and later released into his grandparent's care.


Avenatti Arrested Again – This Time in Court

SUSPECT: Michael Avenatti

CHARGES: Violating bail

DATE OF ARREST: January 14

THE DETAILS: Michael Avenatti has been in the news a lot the past several years. Now, he’s making headlines again after being arrested when he showed up for court. According to reports, multiple criminal charges have been levied against the discredited lawyer in both California and New York. He was appearing in court for these charges when he was suddenly accused of another one. The IRS alleges that Avenatti violated the terms of his pre-trial arrest, but additional details about the violation haven’t been made public. As Avenatti was being led out of court in handcuffs, he yelled, “completely innocent.” Despite the recent arrest, the extortion case he’s facing will proceed as planned. Avenatti has long argued that the Justice Department is targeting him due to his public disapproval of the current president.


Former Officer Arrested After he Lied About Sniper Shooting

SUSPECT: Angel Raul Reinosa

CHARGES: Filing a false police report, insurance fraud

DATE OF ARREST: January 16

THE DETAILS: Back in August, Angel was working as a deputy in Lancaster. He was walking in the station’s parking lot when he reportedly called into dispatch. He told his fellow officers that he’d been shot by either a rifle or sniper in a nearby apartment complex. The authorities responded swiftly, and they searched the whole area. Reinosa later told his coworkers that his vest had stopped the bullet. An investigation was launched into the situation, and now, Reinosa has been arrested for his actions that night. It’s clear that officers believe he faked the whole shooting story based on his charges. After the district attorney levied the charges, officers caught up with Reinosa and arrested him during a traffic stop.


Former Marine Implicated in 16-Year-Old’s Murder

SUSPECT: Codi Slayton


DATE OF ARREST: January 16

THE DETAILS: Back in October, authorities discovered the remains of 16-year-old Josephine Jimenez. Authorities immediately suspected foul play, so an investigation ensued. According to police, they were contacted in December by NCIS, the Navy’s criminal justice team. NCIS explained how they had come across information that pertained to Jimenez’s murder. That’s when the police went to interview 19-year-old Codi Slayton, who was arrested by NCIS on unrelated charges. Now, months after the incident, the former Marine has been charged with Jimenez’s murder. Slayton reportedly met the victim online, and they communicated for a while before eventually meeting up. The police say that any other female who conversed with Slayton online should contact them immediately. Slayton’s being held in jail on a $1 million bond.