Armed Man Arrested Near US Capitol Ahead of Inauguration Day

SUSPECT: Guy Berry

CHARGES: Carrying a firearm without a license, possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device, possession of unregistered ammunition

DATE OF ARREST: January 17

THE DETAILS: As if last week’s siege of the Capitol building wasn’t enough, FBI officials say that more groups are planning additional attacks during Joe Biden’s inauguration week. For that reason, security has been ramped up significantly around the D.C. area. The entire city is on lockdown, and massive fences have been erected to keep visitors out of the area. On top of all that, more military troops are currently stationed around D.C. than in Afghanistan! Despite all of these security measures, police say that several people have attempted to enter the premises. One suspect, Guy Berry, was discovered walking along Massachusetts Avenue while openly carrying a firearm in his holster. It was around midnight, so authorities stopped him. They quickly learned that the suspect wasn’t permitted to carry the weapon in the area, and he was also in possession of ammunition and magazines. Berry was arrested, and now his family members are speaking out. They say Berry is an avid Trump supporter, who also carries his weapon with him everywhere he goes. A close friend of Berry also confirmed that he has no ties to extremist groups, so it’s unlikely that he was planning any sort of violence.


Covid-19 Data Scientist Arrested in Florida

SUSPECT: Rebekah Jones

CHARGES: Illegal access to state computer

DATE OF ARREST: January 18

THE DETAILS: Back in May, Covid-19 data scientist Rebekah Jones made national news after a controversy surrounding Florida’s Covid-19 dashboard. Jones was reportedly in charge of the state’s website, but things went south very fast. According to Jones, politicians and other figures asked her to remove data that suggested Covid-19 patients were experiencing symptoms much earlier than state officials believed. She was asked to manually go into the system and change the data. She reported to media outlets that she believes she was coaxed to act in order to help support a re-opening plan. She failed to listen to the advice and recommendations of her superiors, so she was ultimately fired from her position. Now, she’s been arrested. After getting fired, authorities believe that Jones illegally accessed the state’s emergency alert health system. A message was sent out to about 1,750 people that asked them to “speak up before another 17,000 people are dead.” Her reckless and illegal actions have now led to her arrest.


US Soldier Accused of Plotting Attack on NYC’s 9-11 Memorial

SUSPECT: Cole James Bridges

CHARGES: Attempting to murder U.S. service members, attempting to provide material support to ISIS

DATE OF ARREST: January 19

THE DETAILS: On Tuesday, authorities apprehended a U.S. soldier who had been unknowingly in contact with an FBI informant for several months. The soldier believed he was speaking with ISIS members, and he was allegedly giving the informant advice on how to best ambush U.S. troops that were stationed overseas. As if that wasn’t egregious enough, the FBI has confirmed that the soldier was also planning an attack on the 9-11 Memorial. The suspect reportedly joined the Army in 2019 and was stationed in Georgia. Since the beginning of his service, other military members noticed his obsession with jihadists. That’s when an FBI undercover operation was hatched, and the informant started to talk with the suspect last October. The informant revealed that the suspect was very frustrated with the military. It’s unclear if that’s what motivated him to start plotting with the terrorist group.


Suspect From Queens Arrested After Threatening Members of Congress

SUSPECT: Brendan Hunt

CHARGES: Threatening violence against U.S. Officials

DATE OF ARREST: January 19

THE DETAILS: Over the past several weeks, there have been countless calls for violence against political figures, which is completely unacceptable. Not only are these threats unconscionable, but they’re also against the law. One man from Queens, Brendan Hunt, was apprehended early this week after reportedly threatening to murder several members of Congress. According to the U.S. Justice Department, the suspect used his online alias, “X-Ray Ultra,” to post a disturbing video online outlining the threats. The video reportedly called for a violent overthrow of the government, and it was titled “Kill Your Senators.” The message appeared prior to the Capitol riot, but it was reaffirmed again after the incident. He reportedly posted another message after the ordeal saying that the Patriots needed to return to the Capitol again, but this time with their guns.


Serial Killer Targeted Elderly Victims in New York

SUSPECT: Kevin Gavin


DATE OF ARREST: January 21

THE DETAILS: On Thursday, police announced that a Brooklyn-area serial killer has been apprehended after reportedly targeting and killing at least three elderly victims. Authorities believe the three murders occurred in 2015, 2019, and 2021. The most recent victim, a 78-year-old woman, was discovered with a telephone cord wrapped around her neck. When detectives began investigating the situation, they discovered Kevin Gavin was working as a handyman at the victim’s senior housing facility. He was also a prime suspect in the 2019 murder of 82-year-old Jacolia James and the 2015 murder of 82-year-old Myrtle McKinney. The suspect allegedly got to know each of the victims by running errands for them. After getting arrested, Gavin confessed to the recent murder and claimed that the victim owed him money. While he hasn't admitted to the previous acts of violence yet, investigators have some evidence against him. In 2019, he left DNA evidence in James' residence.