One Adult and One Teen Kicked Cop As He Detained Another Man

SUSPECTS: Donnell Burgess, an unidentified 17-year-old

CHARGES: Assault on a police officer

DATE OF ARREST: January 19

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Baltimore were disturbed when a video went viral over the last week. The video showed one of their sergeants attempting to detain a suspect. The suspect reportedly spit at the officer’s face before the cop attempted to put him in handcuffs. While the officer attempted to do his job, two males approached and began kicking the cop. One of the men attempted to grab the suspect and drag him away from the officer so he could escape. Several onlookers aided the suspect, and police are still working to identify everyone involved. So far, one adult and one juvenile have been arrested and charged in connection to the incident.


Homeless Man Accused of Starting Trash Fires

SUSPECT: John Stahl

CHARGES: Arson (13 counts)

DATE OF ARREST: January 20

THE DETAILS: On Monday morning, authorities in Sunnyvale received a call about a trash can that was on fire. The alert came at about 2:20 in the morning. Firefighters and police responded right away. Despite the immediate response, a nearby fence and vehicle were damaged by the blaze. Once the scene was contained, investigators found evidence that indicated the fire was set intentionally. In response, they obtained surveillance footage from a nearby business. The video showed a man approaching the trash can, setting it ablaze and then fleeing. As police began searching for the culprit, more calls started coming in from all around town regarding newly set fires. At least 11 other trashcan fires were extinguished before a homeless man was identified as the perpetrator. Now, he’s been arrested and charged with 13 counts of arson.


FSU Student Causes Panic in College Dining Area

SUSPECT: Abed Juan

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct

DATE OF ARREST: January 19

THE DETAILS: Students at Florida State University who were eating at Suwannee Dining Hall on Sunday become increasingly afraid as one of their peers had a very public meltdown. The 21-year-old student reportedly became unhinged at around 7 P.M. while in the hall. It’s unclear why, but he suddenly stood up and began shouting at his classmates. He rambled on incoherently at times and make several statements like “Listen to me! Do not be afraid. The answer is here.” He was also allegedly hitting tables. Students and staff didn’t think the outburst was funny, and several students ran away in a panic. He left the area, but police caught up with him a short distance away. The suspect was taken into custody peacefully. Police reported the man confessed that he could hear three voices in his head, which may be a clear sign of mental illness.


Political Differences Turn Deadly in FL

SUSPECT: Mason Toney

CHARGES: First-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: January 20

THE DETAILS: It’s an understatement to say that politics have become increasingly divisive over the past several years. It’s caused divorces, the end of friendships, and discord among families. Now, political differences have reportedly driven one Florida man to murder another. The suspect and the victim were allegedly co-workers and traveling from one job to another. They got into a heated argument, likely over the victim’s pro-Trump stance. That’s when the suspect stabbed his supervisor repeatedly. Nearby witnesses rushed over and began throwing things at the suspect to get him to stop. That’s when the suspect placed an American flag near the victim’s body. Then, he took a nearby truck and fled the scene. Officers caught up with him a few hours later, but they were not able to save the victim.


$3.7 Million Worth of Drugs Uncovered During Traffic Stop

SUSPECT: Logan Pederson

CHARGES: Possession of a controlled substance, possession with the intent to sell, transportation of narcotics

DATE OF ARREST: January 20

THE DETAILS: On Monday, authorities on Interstate 15 in Arizona stopped a man’s car for a traffic violation. Immediately, they noticed the driver was very nervous. The man refused to make eye contact with the officers, which made the cops suspicious. They decided to call a K-9 unit to the scene. The dogs smelled potential drugs, so cops searched the car. That’s when they found a plethora of illegal substances. They found meth, cocaine, MDMA and THC products. In all, the drugs are worth over $3.7 million.


Police in Massachusetts Catch Pooping Suspects

SUSPECT: Andrea Grocer

CHARGES: Eight counts of wanton destruction of property

DATE OF ARREST: January 22

THE DETAILS: For months, retail stores in Massachusetts continued to find human excrement in their parking lots. Not only did it confuse them, but the situation stumped officials as well. On Wednesday, police caught the culprit they believe is responsible in the act. The 51-year-old was allegedly going to the bathroom outside of a Natick Outdoor Store at 7 A.M. in the morning. When police asked her what she was doing, she reportedly told authorities that she suffered from irritable bowel syndrome. She used her medical condition as an excuse to poop in public repeatedly.