Two Floridian Women Impersonate Officer, Conduct Traffic Stop

SUSPECTS: Jymieka McDowell and Ryshawnna Poole

CHARGES: Impersonating a law enforcement officer

DATE OF ARREST: January 24

THE DETAILS: Authorities in Sarasota, Florida, were baffled when they learned that two Floridian women were pretending to be police officers and conducting traffic stops. Even worse, they were live streaming their shenanigans online. Authorities became aware of the incident on Sunday at about 1 A.M. They were called out to a suspicious incident in which a worried caller said they believed they saw a Sarasota Police Officer in distress. When authorities arrived at the area, they witnessed the two women attempting to stop a second vehicle. The two women had a vehicle that was outfitted with red and blue lights and a police-sounding siren. Both women were apprehended, and the video footage was viewed. Authorities discovered that the women were stopping individuals, threatening them, making derogatory statements, and making them exit their cars. They were also heard saying “Black lives don’t matter,” to some of the victims. It remains unclear why the suspects were pretending to be the police and instilling fear in community members.


Indianapolis Juvenile Arrested for Mass Murder

SUSPECT: Unidentified 17-year-old minor

CHARGES: Mass murder

DATE OF ARREST: January 25

THE DETAILS: At around 4 A.M on Sunday, police were called out to an area where a juvenile male was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound. When authorities arrived, they found the victim in critical condition. He was rushed off to the hospital but not before informing the police that more individuals had been shot in a nearby residence. The police rushed over to the residence, which was less than a block away, and that’s when they stumbled upon a disturbing scene. In the house, they found five deceased victims including one pregnant woman. All of the victims had gunshot wounds. The male juvenile was declared the only survivor. Investigators quickly determined that the act of violence wasn’t random, and on Monday, they confirmed that they have arrested a suspect. In a press conference, it was revealed that the suspect is a 17-year-old juvenile, so his identity is not being released at this time.


Former Paramedic of the Year Arrested for Helping Supervisor Steal Covid-19 Vaccines

SUSPECT: Joshua Colon

CHARGES: Forgery, fraud, misconduct

DATE OF ARREST: January 25

THE DETAILS: 2020 was a tough year for paramedics, so it was a great honor for Joshua Colon to be named ‘Paramedic of the Year’ in Florida. Despite his recognition and hard work, he’s now been caught up in a plot to steal a few Covid-19 vaccines. According to authorities, the suspect was given three full vials of the vaccine on January 6. The vaccines were meant to be provided to Polk County first responders. Upon going through paperwork, authorities noticed discrepancies, so they reached out to the vaccine recipients. All three individuals, who all claimed to be former firefighters, told the police that they never received any vaccine doses. At that point, the police turned their attention to the person who filled out the paperwork, Joshua Colon. Soon, they learned that the suspect forged the paperwork through a confession. Colon said he put fake names on the paperwork at the request of his supervisor, Polk County Fire Rescue Captain Anthony Damiano. The captain reportedly ordered Colon to take a break. When Colon returned, he found the three vials were missing. He didn’t report the incident, and later admitted to forging paperwork when he was asked to produce paperwork regarding the missing doses. Colon resigned from his position on Friday, and authorities arrested him on Monday.


California Resident Under Arrest After Threatening Families of Congressman and Journalist

SUSPECT: Robert Lemke

CHARGES: Making threatening interstate communications

DATE OF ARREST: January 26

THE DETAILS: According to authorities, Lemke was just your average pro-Trump American until the recent election controversy sent him down a dangerous path. Shortly after the election, Lemke reportedly believed former President Trump’s assertions that the election had been stolen. As a result, Lemke became enraged. He started posting messages on his social media accounts about the election being a fraud, and how his followers should “be ready for war.” On January 6th while some individuals were storming the Capitol building, Lemke decided to take action, too. He began sending text messages to the families of both a New York Congressman and a journalist. The messages were all essentially the same. Lemke told the family members that the congressman and journalist were putting their families at risk. He also told several individuals that “we are armed and nearby your house.” Thankfully, the threats were baseless, and no armed group was discovered around any of the victim’s homes. After weeks of investigating, authorities have identified and apprehended Lemke for his actions.


Man Apprehended Near Capitol Carrying List of Politicians and Contact Information

SUSPECT: Dennis Westover

CHARGES: Unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of unregistered ammunition, carrying a pistol without a license

DATE OF ARREST: January 27

THE DETAILS: Since the Capitol incident on January 6th, security has been heightened around the entire Washington D.C. area. The public has been well-informed about protective measures that have been put into place including hundreds of National Guard members, a massive fence barrier, and patrolling officers around the area. Despite these measures, some citizens are still attempting to get through security measures. One such individual, Dennis Westover, was arrested on Wednesday. The Capitol Police first noticed the suspect parked in an intersection and yelling at nearby guards. When approached, the suspect told the guard he had driven all the way from West Virginia to see the new fencing. Upon further investigation, authorities discovered a pistol in the man’s car. He was also carrying extra rounds of ammunition. On top of all that, authorities found it suspicious that he was carrying “Stop the Steal” paperwork and lists that had the contact information of several senators and representatives.