Police Announce Charges Against Imprisoned Man Accused of Killing his 5 Kids

SUSPECT: Paul Perez

CHARGES: Five counts of first-degree murder

DATE OF ARREST: January 27

THE DETAILS: Paul Perez was serving time for vehicle theft when he reportedly attempted to manufacture a deadly weapon for another inmate. His actions resulted in even more jail time. Now, authorities have announced that they’ll be pursuing more serious charges against the suspect – murder. Perez has been connected to at least five formerly unsolved murders through new genealogical methods. According to authorities, he was identified as the father of five murdered infants, all who were killed before they turned six months old. Two of the children’s bodies were found, but police are still looking for the remains of three more infants. Due to the nature of his crimes, prosecutors are considering seeking capital punishment for Perez.


Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Arrested After Doxing a Victim’s Parents Online

SUSPECT: Wolfgang Halbig

CHARGES: Unlawful possession of personal identification

DATE OF ARREST: January 27

THE DETAILS: Wolfgang Halbig is an outspoken conspiracy theorist who believes the Sandy Hook school shooting never happened. According to the suspect’s theories, parents who grieved over losing their children were actually lying about what happened. He believed the kids were “crisis actors,” and the parents lied about their deaths. One of these parents, Leonard Pozner, became a target for Halbig in his attempt to prove his theories. Halbig reportedly continued to harass Pozner and his family members about the tragedy. While the suspect was respectful and curious at first, he slowly became unhinged. At one point, he emailed Pozner photographs of his six-year-old son he lost in the shooting. It was eventually revealed that he posted Pozner’s social security number online, too. Now, police have arrested Halbig for possessing the victim’s personal information.


Director of San Francisco Public Works Accused of Corruption

SUSPECT: Mohammed Nuru

CHARGES: Accepting bribes

DATE OF ARREST: January 27

THE DETAILS: Being in charge of keeping San Francisco’s streets clean is a very tough job. The daily pressures of the job allegedly caused Mohammed Nuru, the Director of Public Works, to crack. According to reports, Nuru was arrested on Monday by FBI agents. The FBI has evidence that suggests Nuru was accepting bribes. In return, Nuru would give the group airport concession contracts. While some are shocked by the arrest, others are not. Mohammed has had several outspoken critics over the years, and he was reportedly difficult to work under.


Chief Magistrate Judge From Pickens County Arrested

SUSPECT: Allen Wigington

CHARGES: Theft, violation of oaths

DATE OF ARREST: January 29

THE DETAILS: The chief magistrate judge from Pickens County, Georgia has just been taken into police custody. Right now, he’s facing a whole host of charges after authorities began investigating his finances a month ago. Investigators quickly identified suspicious spending habits by Wigington. It’s now been uncovered that the disgraced judge was funneling money from a non-profit organization and paying off his own personal debts with it. To make matters worse, Wigington then stole money from the county magistrate’s office to repay the non-profit organization. After uncovering these facts, a warrant was issued for the judge. He turned himself over to the police a short time later.


Two Police Officers Arrested After Selling Accident Reports

SUSPECTS: Nikko McClinton and Ronald Anderson

CHARGES: Violation of oath, computer theft

DATE OF ARREST: January 30

THE DETAILS: No one likes their personal business being sold to third-parties, yet the practice has become so commonplace that apparently, even cops are cashing in on it. According to authorities, two police officers from Georgia have been arrested for selling accident reports to interested third parties. The officers made money with each transaction. Even worse, the parties purchasing the reports turned around and began harassing accident victims. It’s unclear whether these parties were lawyers, medical professionals, or other businesses. Either way, it’s both unconscionable and a crime to attempt to profit off of someone else’s injury.


Major Al-Qaida Leader Apprehended in Phoenix, Arizona

SUSPECT: Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri

CHARGES: Murdering two Iraqi police officers, plotting operations to target police

DATE OF ARREST: January 30

THE DETAILS: Ali Al-Nouri is a citizen of Phoenix. Despite that, he’s also an Iraqi national who has been accused of committing terrorist acts against the country’s police force. According to authorities, the Iraq government sent the U.S. government an extradition request after they found significant evidence of the suspect’s terrorist activity. Officials tied the suspect to the terrorist organization Al-Qaida, and they also allege that the suspect shot at least two members of the Fallujah Police Directorate back in 2006. After months of investigating the claims, the U.S. Justice Department complied. FBI agents, the U.S. Marshals Service and Homeland Security Investigations picked up the suspect on Thursday.