A Dozen Homeless Activists Arrested After Attempting to Take Over Hotel in Washington State

SUSPECTS: At least 12 individuals

CHARGES: Assault, burglary and trespassing, conspiracy to commit burglary

DATE OF ARREST: January 31, 2021

THE DETAILS: The coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for everyone, and many Americans are attempting to step up and provide for those in need during this trying time. Some activists in Washington state took things too far over the weekend, though. Despite good intentions, a number of activists stormed a hotel on Sunday. According to authorities, the group has been advocating for FEMA-funded housing units for the homeless during the pandemic. They’ve asked for housing for vulnerable homeless individuals to help them survive the crisis. Without these housing units, millions of older and vulnerable homeless individuals are at a high risk of contracting Covid-19 at traditional homeless shelters. Authorities say about 45 of these individuals barged into the Downtown Olympia Red Lion Hotel on Sunday. Many of them were armed with weapons and wore protective gear. Police later recovered batons, knives, hatchets, goggles, helmets, and gas masks from the suspects. At least 12 individuals were arrested after a hotel worker was assaulted and patrons of the hotel were forced to hide in the basement.


Rapper Silento (Ricky Hawk) Suspected of Felony Murder

SUSPECT: Ricky Hawk

CHARGES: Felony murder

DATE OF ARREST: January 31

THE DETAILS: Last month, authorities in DeKalb County, Georgia, discovered Frederick Rooks deceased. The police were alerted to the situation when nearby neighbors heard several gunshots. They called out the police. Upon arriving at the scene, authorities saw several cars fleeing the scene. One car was honking its horn as it fled away. They quickly discovered the 34-year-old victim lying on the road. He was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the leg and one to his face. He was immediately declared deceased. Now, weeks later, police have connected Atlanta rapper Silento to the crime. Silento, whose real name is Ricky Hawk, is the victim’s cousin. Silento became famous in 2015 when he released the hit song “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” His one-hit did appear on the Billboard Hot 100, and he was featured on TV award shows after the fact. On Sunday, he was taken into custody under the suspicion of committing felony murder. Authorities have not yet released details on how they connected him to the murder of his cousin.


NFL Player Mark Walton Arrested After Meltdown Over Pizza Hut Order

SUSPECT: Mark Walton

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct, trespassing

DATE OF ARREST: January 31

THE DETAILS: Mark Walton, a running back in the NFL, was arrested over the weekend after he reportedly had a meltdown at a Miami Pizza Hut store. According to the police, the incident started when Walton attempted to call the location and order some food. While it’s unclear what happened over the phone, Walton’s cousin said that Walton felt “disrespected” by one of the employees. That’s why he decided to visit the store himself. At that point, he learned that his over-the-phone order was canceled. Enraged, he started trying to enter into the locked business. He reportedly tried to pull on the door and bang on the windows. Walton’s cousin reportedly tried to step in and calm down the NFL player, but Walton became aggressive with him instead. Once authorities arrived, they noticed Walton’s cousin had obvious injuries, and a paramedic was called the store. Despite being injured, the victim would not tell authorities exactly how we was injured. It was clear that he didn't want to incriminate his cousin. Due to his actions, Walton was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.


Armed Suspect Arrested After Threatening California Mall

SUSPECT: Unidentified at this time

CHARGES: Making terroristic threats

DATE OF ARREST: February 3

THE DETAILS: At around 4 P.M. on Wednesday, authorities from the San Jose Police Department were informed about some disturbing information being circulated on social media. Authorities say the suspect was threatening the Valley Fair Mall in both a series of tweets and on a livestream video. On his video, the suspect said he was going to “shoot up” the mall. Worried online users immediately reached out to the police. Authorities found the suspect within the mall about 45 minutes after getting the original call. He wasn’t too difficult to track down because he had very distinctive purple hair. The suspect was found carrying a loaded weapon. No one was harmed in the incident, and authorities still are not clear on whether the suspect’s threats were legitimate. They have not yet released more details about the suspect’s identity or the crime.


Border Security Arrests 11 Iranian Citizens Attempting to Illegally Cross Border

SUSPECTS: 11 Iranian citizens

CHARGES: Illegal entry into the US

DATE OF ARREST: February 1

THE DETAILS: At around 6 PM on Monday evening, Border Patrol agents were monitoring the US-Mexico border in Arizona. Suddenly, they encountered a large group of individuals walking near San Luis. Border Patrol agents confirmed that they “regularly” encounter groups of people illegally attempting to enter the country around the area, so they were suspicious. Upon questioning the group, the agents gathered that all eleven members of the group had crossed over the border illegally. As a result, all eleven individuals were arrested and taken into custody. Among the suspects are six males and five females. All the individuals were determined to be Iranian citizens. Border Patrol agents said the instance wasn't unusual, and they expect to see even more groups of individuals attempting to cross the border in the near future.