Gunman Arrested After Fatal Shooting in Nashville Target

SUSPECT: David Van Dyke

CHARGES: Criminal homicide


THE DETAILS: Authorities in Nashville, Tennessee were called out to the Target on Charlotte Pike at around 7:15 P.M. on Sunday. When they arrived, they discovered a 40-year-old male victim in the electronics department. The man was suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Upon reviewing surveillance footage, authorities discovered that Avery Collier, the victim, was shopping alongside a female friend, when the suspect suddenly approached him. Without any apparent cause, the suspect began shooting at the man. Once the victim hit the ground, the suspect continued to fire shots at him. At that point, the suspect fled the store and allegedly stashed his weapon in a planter outside of the store. He then returned to the store. At that point, authorities apprehended the man. He’s been booked into the Metro jail. Police say they still aren’t clear on what provoked the shooting or whether the victim and suspect knew each other prior to the encounter at the store. The victim has since passed away from his wounds.


Culprit Arrested After Killing Texas Pastor in Church Shooting

SUSPECT: Mytrez Woolen

CHARGES: Capital murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon


THE DETAILS: On Saturday, authorities were searching for Mytrez Woolen, who was accused of being involved in multiple drive-by shootings in Texas. Police were reportedly using a significant amount of resources, including drones and police dogs, to track down the culprit. Despite that, they were unsuccessful. The next day, 62-year-old Mark McWilliams, who is a pastor at Starrville Methodist Church, was heading into work. Once he got to the church, he opened the bathroom door and discovered the suspect hiding in there. Startled by the boy, the pastor drew his own weapon and ordered the boy to stop. Mytrez Woolen then lunged at the pastor. Woolen was able to grab away the pastor’s gun, and that’s when he used it to fatally shoot the pastor. Then, he knocked down the pastor’s wife, who suffered injuries due to the fall. Another armed church-goer attempted to stop the suspect, but he was also shot as the suspect ran away. Shortly later, police located and apprehended the shooter.


Three Men Attack FL Wildlife Officer

SUSPECTS: Lazaro Milian, Rodrigo La Rosa, and Michel Amalfi

CHARGES: Attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest


THE DETAILS: Over the weekend, a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer was called out to the Avon Park Bombing Range. Witnesses had heard gunshots, so they reported the illegal hunting activity. At around 9 P.M. on Saturday, the officer arrived at the scene and started searching. He eventually stumbled upon three suspects who were shooting off their weapons. The officer attempted to take the guns and detain the three individuals, but they started to fight back. The three Floridians started beating and attacking the officer. Then, one of the suspects hopped onto an ATV and ran over the officer. The trio then fled the scene and left the officer out in the woods. Due to being over an hour deep in the woods, it took help a long time to track down the fallen officer. When they arrived, he was in critical condition, but he was taken to a hospital for treatment. On Sunday, police found the camp where the trio was staying. Two suspects were apprehended, but La Rosa was nowhere to be found. Later that night, La Rosa was discovered in Hialeah and also arrested.


Protesters Breach Capitol Building, 52 Arrested

SUSPECTS: Over 52 individuals

CHARGES: Illegal possession of a firearm, breaking curfew, rioting


THE DETAILS: On Wednesday, Congress convened to officially count the presidential election’s electoral votes in order to formally certify the election results. Prior to the important meeting, current President Trump held a “Stop the Steal” rally near the Capitol. During the rally, the President reiterated the idea that the election was being stolen from him. He also encouraged his followers to march to the Capitol. Hours later, thousands of individuals descended on the Capitol building and chaos ensued. Protesters overtook Capitol police, and members of Congress rushed to evacuate the building. Dozens of unauthorized individuals trampled through the Capitol building and into different representative’s offices. During the ordeal, one woman was fatally shot by authorities. Police quickly discovered and infused two pipe bombs, which were located near the DNC and RNC headquarters. During the rioting, at least 14 officers were injured and four people have been declared dead. Capitol police confirmed that at least 52 suspects have been arrested after the ordeal.


Tech CEO Arrested After Identified as Breaking Into the Capitol

SUSPECT: Bradley F. Rukstales

CHARGES: Unlawful entry into the US Capitol


THE DETAILS: On Wednesday, the nation’s Capitol was taken over by rowdy protestors. Now, the FBI and other agencies are working hard to identify anyone who breached the doors. Anyone who is identified, according to police, will be arrested and face serious charges ranging from breaking curfew to sedition. Brady F. Rukstales, a tech CEO from Chicago, is one of the most recent suspects identified by police. According to the suspect, he had a lapse in judgement and followed hundreds of others into the Capitol building. Now, he’s not only been arrested, but he’s also been placed on a leave of absence from his own tech company Cogensia. It’s unclear how severe the suspect’s charges will be, but it’s expected that dozens of others will be arrested in the coming days for their actions, too.