Suspect Arrested in MD New Year’s Day Murder

SUSPECT: Sammie Warren

CHARGES: Murder, assault, firearms violations


THE DETAILS: On New Year’s Day, 56-year-old Filomena Vazquez was sitting in her home in Prince George’s County, Maryland. According to authorities, Filomena appeared to be sitting at her kitchen table and reading the Bible when she was suddenly struck by a barrage of bullets. She was fatally wounded during the attack. Investigators found that the suspect, Sammie Warren, was allegedly outraged over a car sale that occurred on Christmas Eve with the victim’s 29-year-old son. The suspect reportedly asked for a refund after being upset with the sale, but they were denied. That’s when the suspect began threatening the family. On New Year’s Day, he showed up at their home and sprayed the house with bullets. After discovering the truth, authorities showed up at the suspect’s home with a warrant. That’s when the suspect attempted to grab a weapon and flee. He sustained a minor head injury while being taken down by the police.


Daycare Provider Left 2-Year-Old in Scalding Bathtub, Arrested for Assault

SUSPECT: Yenci Lopez

CHARGES: Reckless assault of a child, endangering the welfare of a child, second-degree assault


THE DETAILS: Authorities are incredibly disturbed by the actions of a so-called daycare provider whose actions led to the hospitalization of a two-year-old child. According to reports, Lopez was tasked with watching the toddler. She allegedly ran the youngster a bath and placed him inside. The water was apparently scalding hot, which provoked the toddler into a screaming fit. Despite the boy’s protests, Lopez left him in the water for several minutes and ignored his screams. She later left the home and the boy in the care of his mother. That’s when the toddler was brought to the hospital, where doctors learned he was suffering from severe burns. The situation is so extreme that over 20% of his body is badly burnt. The 19-year-old care provider was arrested by authorities and is now facing several extreme charges.


Missing CT Mom’s Murder Mystery Finally Solved

SUSPECT: Fotis Dulos



THE DETAILS: Back in May, a Connecticut mother went missing after dropping her children off at school. Over seven months, investigators worked diligently to determine what happened to Jennifer Dulos. Authorities reportedly used K-9 units, drones, and other resources in the search for Dulos’ remains. They also searched through tons of trash. Now, they’re confident that Jennifer was murdered by her estranged husband, her husband’s girlfriend, and an attorney. All three suspects have been arrested and charged with either murder or conspiracy to commit murder.


Man Arrested for Impersonating Police Officer in Jefferson County

SUSPECT: Michael Nelson

CHARGES: Impersonating a peace officer, false imprisonment


THE DETAILS: Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office was on high alert on Tuesday and Wednesday this week after reports surfaced about an alleged officer pulling cars over. According to witnesses, the alleged officer pulled over an unsuspecting woman on Tuesday. The victim had her son record the whole incident on his cell phone. When the real police saw the footage, they realized the officer in question was not working with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. The suspect flashed a fake badge that reportedly can be bought online. He also wasn’t in a police car. He was driving a silver truck. By Wednesday evening, authorities were able to track down the culprit responsible. He’s now facing some serious charges. The police are reminding the public to call 911 if they ever think they’re being stopped by someone who isn’t a real officer.


Father Arrested Afrer 4-Year-Old Son Dies in Drunken Car Accident

SUSPECT: Gregory Ehabe

CHARGES: Vehicular manslaughter, child neglect

DATE OF ARREST: January 10

THE DETAILS: Back on December 2nd, Ehabe was driving with his four-year-old son on Interstate 70. Suddenly, he struck the center median and ran into a concrete barrier. Authroities responding to the accident reported that only the single car was involved. Both the father and son were rushed to the hospital. Two days later, the child passed away. Investigators looking into the crash determined that Ehabe was impaired when the crash occurred. On January 10th, he was arrested.


Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested in Miami

SUSPECT: Trick Daddy

CHARGES: DUI and possession of cocaine

DATE OF ARREST: January 11

THE DETAILS: At around 3:20 A.M., a concerned driver in Miami called the police. He alerted authorities about another motorist who was running red lights and hitting road signs. Authorities tracked down the car, and they were surprised to find famous rapper Trick Daddy inside. The rapper appeared to be fast asleep behind the wheel. The police woke him up, and he admitted to having several drinks before driving. He was taken to the station. While being booked, police found a plastic bag with cocaine inside of a dollar bill.